Aesthetic Eyebrow For Men: Should or Shouldn't?

Aesthetic Eyebrows For Men: Should Or Shouldn't

|Q&A| Aesthetic Eyebrow For Men: Should or Shouldn't?

Aesthetic Eyebrow For Men: Should or Shouldn't?
Should cosmetic eyebrows for men

Miss Tram received a question from an unnamed male friend:

“I'm a male but my eyebrows look quite blurry, it's almost impossible to see the eyebrows, moreover there is a scar that makes my face look quite fierce. I intend to go for cosmetic surgery to cover my scars but I am afraid of being said to be too elegant. Can Miss Tram advise me if I should go to work or just let it be?"

It's true that everyone thinks "beauty is only familiar to women", social prejudices from the past also default to this, making men even want to change a beautiful eyebrow to add strength and personality. Or to make an impression on the opposite person must also think twice.

However, in recent years, Miss Tram found that the trend of doing eyebrows for men has changed a lot. You don't have to be a celebrity or work in the art field, but if you have pale eyebrows, no accents and harmony, you SHOULD apply cosmetic technologies to beautify them. .

For the specific case of a male friend, DISASTER is the most optimal solution to solve the problem of the eyebrows as well as help you not to be criticized for being too "stylish" by:

- Microblading eyebrows will carve each strand meticulously, finely knit, alternately in places where the eyebrows are sparse and empty for further engraving. The ink line follows the growth line of the real eyebrows in a smooth, soft way.

- This method also helps to cover the scars on the eyebrows skillfully, harmoniously, naturally beautiful and of course will not be as soft and flexible as women.

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For more suitable advice and styling, male friends can contact Miss Tram to book an appointment right away!
Don't hesitate to call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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