Detoxify Facial Skin With Bio-Light Technology

Detoxify Skin With Bio-Light Technology Outstanding Advantages of Bio-Light Technology.

Detoxify Facial Skin With Bio-Light Technology

Do you have questions about the method of facial detoxification using bio light technology? If yes, then you should not ignore .'s article Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

Smoke, lead from cosmetics and food and water are toxins that affect your health as well as your skin. Therefore, in order to keep the skin healthy and rosy, facial detoxification is one of the effective methods favored by women in recent times.

Why should you detox your skin?

Did you know that every day, our facial skin has to face countless smoke, polluted air, chemicals, and cosmetics that accumulate on the skin for a long time due to the improper makeup removal process, causing the capillaries to become damaged? Congestion causes inflammation, pimples, causing the skin to quickly age, sag and wrinkle. In addition to using face wash, exfoliating, applying moisturizer, and applying face masks regularly, it's better that we get rid of all the toxins out.

Why should you detox your skin?
Why should you detox your skin?

Although the process of facial steaming is a traditional method for a long time, it is indeed an effective solution in that it creates an artificial fever in the body, helping the pores to be dilated. expand, stimulate blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins outside.

This activates the cleansing from the inside, pushing the residue and toxins in the body out by sweating through the pores, helping to stimulate the circulatory system, pushing the acne under the skin up and helping the skin to be elastic. Restored, smooth and clean like never before.

However, you should only steam your face 1-2 times a week to keep your skin healthy and clean. If used regularly and incorrectly, it will become a double-edged sword, detoxifying the body through the skin by steaming will enlarge pores and make acne worse.

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What's so special about detoxing the skin with bio-light technology?

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center would like to introduce to you the process of detoxifying the skin with biological light technology that has the effect of cooling the skin, killing bacteria without any damage to the tissue, helping to prevent and remove acne. This method will help eliminate toxins hidden deep in the body through self-improvement of your own detoxification system, giving you a healthy, acne-free and smooth skin as desired.

Detoxify the skin with biological light technology
Detoxify the skin with biological light technology

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Outstanding advantages of bio-light technology:

  • Biological light is considered the least damaging light technology for skin treatment, because it does not transfer focused energy, but promotes the cells themselves to convert light energy into cellular energy. This process does not affect the tissue at all.
  • Clean skin in a maximum, fast and time-saving way.
  • Promotes collagen production to help nourish deep inside the skin, bringing smoothness, preventing the return of acne.
  • Skin cells are penetrated in the best way, helping blood and lymph circulation, and removing impurities as well as limiting infection.
  • Slow down the aging process of skin, shrink pores, make skin smooth, effectively fight wrinkles.
  • Applying biological light skin rejuvenation on many skin surfaces such as the face, neck or chest area, does not cause pain and does not require the use of plastic surgery.

The detoxification process for acne skin, many impurities in the skin is as follows:

Detoxify the skin with bio-light technology
The process of skin detoxification by biological light technology

Step 1: Wipe your face with a clean towel and exfoliate your skin

Step 2: Rinse with cold water, steam for about 15 minutes (hot steam for skin to expand)

Step 3: Carry out squeezing acne (if any), peel off acne bran, massage head, shoulders and neck

Step 4: Apply a good detox mask (green tea, charcoal, ...) for about 30 minutes

Step 5: Illuminate Blue / Blue light to help soothe skin after squeezing acne for about 15 minutes

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With the above 5 simple steps, the effect and use may vary depending on the condition or location of each person. Therefore, to get the best treatment results, please contact us directly Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center via hotline: 1900 7018 for more advice!

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