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Moles are small dark spots (brown or black) that form when melanin is concentrated in the same place. Each of us has at least one to several moles, they appear in many different places such as face, chest, back, shoulders, limbs, ...

Most moles are benign, but their presence does not always satisfy us.


Moles usually cause the following effects:

  • If it is large, dark and grows in an unattractive position on the face, it will make us lose confidence because our aesthetics are affected a lot.
  • A mole can be a bad sign in terms of general numbers (job title, career or love story).
  • The case of a mole with a red border, burning pain or discomfort can be hidden with many complicated diseases

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Among these, if your mole is showing signs like the 3rd case, the advice of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is to quickly go to medical facilities for a thorough examination and timely detection. and treat the root of the problem.

So what about the less charming moles, the moles that make us wonder about the anthropology line, what to do?

To remove unwanted moles, you can resort to methods such as surgery, electrocautery, electrocoagulation or laser irradiation. However, we must be very careful when choosing because if not clever, breaking a small mole can cause many big consequences:

  • Leaving scars that are hard to heal
  • Damaged skin, infection after mole removal
  • If you can't remove the root, the mole will grow back over time

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Laser is considered a highly safe cosmetic mole removal method, providing superior results compared to traditional methods.

Currently, cosmetic centers have put into use this technology to help their customers remove unpretentious moles to make their faces more perfect. Laser mole removal possesses many advantages, and when upgraded to CO2 laser technology, it creates even more outstanding results.

CO2 laser has the ability to affect the pigment layer of the mole, and at the same time does not cause any effect on the surrounding skin. When irradiated with the right intensity and time, the pigment will be broken and quickly cleaned away.

This is a prominent technology that is popular in developed countries such as the US and Germany. CO2 laser is Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Timely technology transfer, extremely successful application on thousands of mole removal cases.

Most customers when coming to Miss Tram are very satisfied with their results. Not only are ugly moles removed, but the skin remains smooth, without causing unsightly scars like some other methods.

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Applying CO2 laser technology at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, customers will be completely secure and satisfied by:

  • The procedure is painless and painless
  • Quick implementation time, no scars on the skin
  • Skin recovers quickly, effectively prevents damage
  • Moles (on face, back, arms or legs) are permanently removed
  • The laser is safe for health and does not cause any side effects

In charge of laser projection techniques are highly skilled professionals, fully converging the following factors: knowledge - skills - experience. In addition, before implementation, Miss Tram's team of experts will conduct an examination and determine the status of the mole to give the most appropriate treatment.

Everything from services, equipment, facilities, etc. is committed by us, to bring our customers a high-quality, high-class service experience that cannot be found in other facilities. other.

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If you want to remove cosmetic moles safely, effectively and without leaving scars, please contact us immediately Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. Experts Miss Tram VietNam always ready to advise, help you better understand the technology before deciding to apply the procedures.

Skin care after mole removal – shared by Doctor Le Quang