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Where is the safest place to remove Moles?

For mole having a large size, dark black color appearing on the face will make many people uncomfortable because it is unsightly. Therefore, many people decided to remove it. However small, but if you do not choose a safe method and a reputable practice, the mole will grow back or the infected skin will cause ugly scars.

Where is safe place to remove moles in HCMC?
Safe place to remove moles

1. When to remove moles?

Each of us has at least a few moles growing somewhere on our body. If they are located in a hidden place, that's okay, but some moles like to appear "horizontal" on the face or some ugly spots. And although they are small, they are of interest above all because they can both affect the aesthetics and disrupt the path of fame and fortune.

Many people still do not know that a mole is a phenomenon where melanin is concentrated at one point, thereby causing the skin to accumulate color. Over time, these areas will turn darker, the size can vary.

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Safe mole removal technology

If you don't like the presence of moles, we can remove them by many methods such as electrocautery, surgery, specialized dosing or using laser to remove. However, not all moles can be removed because some types of moles are external manifestations of dangerous skin-related diseases.

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When your mole has the following signs, we must not use any method and must quickly go to the medical center for examination:

  • Mole with red border
  • Around the mole is always itchy
  • It feels painful to the touch

2. Where should the mole remover be safe?

Currently, in addition to medical facilities, there are many cosmetic places to remove moles. However, Miss Tram wants to note that you should only go to reputable addresses to ensure the following factors:

  • Identify benign moles that can be removed
  • Thoroughly remove moles, avoid regrowth
  • Does not cause scars on the skin or other lesions

In fact, many people, due to inexperience, prefer low cost, so they have gone to unreputable places to remove moles. And places like this use old methods or drugs of unknown origin that cause skin damage, moles do not go away, but cause ugly concave scars.

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Effective mole removal results

A safe mole removal facility like Miss Tram must basically meet the following criteria:

  • The process is performed by advanced technology with CO2 laser to help remove melanocytes quickly without invasive of healthy skin.
  • Removal of moles takes place quickly, completely leaving no scars on the skin
  • Mole does not grow back
  • After removing the skin, there are no side effects
  • While irradiating the laser does not cause pain or discomfort, customers do not need to rest
prestigious mole removal address in HCM
The most effective mole removal technology today

According to Miss Tram's experience, the safest and most effective mole removal technology today is to use CO2 . laser. This technology is applied by many advanced countries in the world such as the US and Germany. With absolute safety, the laser quickly identifies melanocytes to break the link between them. At that time, the color patches on the skin will disappear gently, without causing any effects or damage.

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If you want mole remover on your face, hands, shoulders or back, come to Miss Tram VietNam to be done in the safest and most effective way. In addition, with high experience and expertise, Miss Tram experts also help customers evaluate skin conditions, identify moles to promptly detect abnormalities, quickly prevent bad consequences. Miss Tram is pleased to serve you!

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