Does Mole Removal Leave Scars? You heard

Does Mole Removal Leave Scars?

Question: “Does mole removal leave scars?”

Hello Miss Tram, I have a pretty big mole on my neck and arm and I'm learning about the laser mole removal method at Miss Tram. I don't know if this method can remove moles permanently? And does it leave scars on the skin? Seek advice from experts. Thank you!

(Bich Hang – 34 years old – Ho Chi Minh City)

Does mole removal leave a STAR?
Does mole removal leave a STAR?


Hello Bich Hang, we thank you very much for your question about the beauty advice column of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. With Hang's question, we would like to answer as follows:

As we all know, mole is a type of benign melanoma on the skin, each person has at least 10 to 40 moles on the body and these moles have appeared since you were very young. According to medicine, moles do not affect health, so the treatment of moles depends on each individual. However, in terms of anthropology, moles make many people lose their inherent aesthetics and they have a need to remove them.

Super Pulsed CO2 Laser – Solution for removing moles of any size

Dear Hang, you don't need to worry about mole removal will leave scars because with this method CO2 laser mole removal in Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will remove moles permanent, does not cause damage and especially does not leave scars. This is the perfect choice for those who need to remove moles permanently.

The method of removing moles does not leave STARS
CO2 laser mole removal technology

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Super pulse CO2 laser is a modern mole removal technology, helping you to remove moles of different sizes and levels. Currently, the method has been successfully applied at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center and received satisfaction from many customers. CO2 lasers have been approved by prestigious medical organizations for use in the treatment of benign moles. Some of the outstanding advantages of this approach are:

  • It is a method of using a superior laser, destroying the pigment that causes moles, removing moles in a short time.
  • Ultra-pulsed CO2 laser works on the principle of selective energy pulse generation, focused array burning, deep pigment absorption in the skin structure, fading of color spots, even difficult locations such as eyelid margins. . This technology has a fast implementation time, as soon as 5 minutes the mole will be removed.
  • The ultra-pulsed CO2 laser emits selective pulses, only affecting mole pigments, has no effect on normal skin pigments, safe for health.
  • In particular, this method can permanently remove moles, causing no pain and leaving no scars. However, after treatment at the mole site, there will be dark scars or concave scars in a short time. Therefore, taking care of this stage is very important, you need to apply the right and thorough skin care methods to help the wound heal.
Does mole removal leave scars?
Safe mole removal technology

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CO2 laser mole removal treatment at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

The process at Miss Tram is committed to following technical and safety standards, helping customers quickly remove unwanted moles.

  • Step 1: Consult the customer, check the position, size, shape of the mole
  • Step 2: Clean and numb the skin to remove the mole
  • Step 3: Use super pulse CO2 laser to burn and remove moles
  • Step 4: Apply anti-scar and skin-regenerating cream
  • Step 5: Investigate the skin care regimen after removing the mole
Does mole removal leave scars?
Mole removal results do not leave STARS

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Instructions for skin care after treatment:

After laser irradiation to remove moles, you need to do well the following notes:

  • Apply antibiotic ointment or skin resurfacing cream exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least 4-6 weeks after treatment
  • Avoid contact with water for the first 2 hours
  • Abstain from certain foods such as water spinach, beef, seafood, etc. to avoid leaving scars on the skin in the first time.
  • Keep your skin clean

Hope with useful information that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Sharing here helped Hang find her answer. If you have any questions about the process of removing moles permanently without leaving scars with CO2 Laser, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and immediately call the hotline: 1900 7018 for a free consultation!

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