Mole Removal Has Cancer Or Not Need To Know

Does Mole Removal Have Cancer Or Not

|Question – Answer|| Does Mole Removal HAVE CANCER?

Mole Removal Has Cancer Or Not Need To Know

Continuing with the topic of mole removal safely - effectively, in the past week, has Miss Tram received a question from a customer with the content: "Does mole removal HAVE CANCER?"

Miss Tram's answer for you is YES, HOWEVER, that only happens for INCREDIBLE moles.
The problem here is how do you know that mole is INCREDIBLE?

The identification and identification will be based on the following ABCDE principles (Asymmetry - Asymmetry, irregular borders - Borders, multicolor - Color, large diameter - Diameter and development over time - Evolving) as follows:

A – Asymmetrical

Try to draw an imaginary line on the mole, if the two halves of them are not symmetrical, this is a dangerous mole.

B – Irregular contour

Contours that are not clear, uneven, especially undulating like a seashell, a V-shape are warning signs that you have a malignant mole.

C – Color

If the mole has multiple colors, you should see a doctor immediately.

D – Diameter

Melanoma is usually larger than 1/4 inch or 6mm, you can use this feature to distinguish a healthy mole from a non-healing mole.

E – Development

If you notice a change in your mole's size, shape, color, or anything else, don't ignore it, because these are signs that your mole is abnormal.

In addition, if your moles are not in the group of "objects" above, you can completely visit Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center to "remove" them safely - quickly by CO2 Laser technology there. Do not hesitate to contact the dermatologist to conduct an examination, determine the status of the mole and give the most appropriate advice!
Don't hesitate HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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  1. Laureate says:

    Through this article, I feel very good. Because of this post, I decided to get rid of the mole, I'm really scared right now too 🙁