Full Body Whitening Bath With Tomato Tomato

Tomato White Body Bath

With ingredients rich in Vitamins (group C, group E), minerals and Carotene, tomatoes are a fruit that has the ability to help us stay healthy from the inside - beautiful on the outside. Not discussing the health effects of tomato, within the scope of this article Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center I will introduce to you one of the special beauty treatments of this fruit. Please record 100% natural body whitening formula with tomatoes you.

Tomato: the panacea in skin whitening
Tomato: the panacea in skin whitening

Surprised With Tomato Skin Whitening Bath Method

The effect of whitening the whole body with tomatoes

Tomato has long been recognized for its ability to prevent cancer and many other diseases. This fruit is appreciated for its rich antioxidant content. In ripe tomatoes contain a large amount of Lycopene, which has the effect of eliminating bad free radicals, both controlling cell changes and preventing signs of aging on the skin.

Many studies have proven, using tomatoes in our daily meals or tomato products, our health is increased, our skin is smoother and younger.

whiten whole body with tomato
Tomatoes bring great skin care effects

The composition of tomatoes also contains a lot of Vitamin C (100g can provide 40% of daily Vitamin C needs), actively participates in the skin restructuring process, anti-inflammatory, and effective wound healing.

Not only that, the content of Vitamin A, Vitamin K and many other minerals present in this fruit will enhance the ability to protect and help the skin against the negative effects of sunlight, environmental pollution, etc. That, helps the skin to be full of vitality, healthy glow that defies time.

In order for tomatoes to promote the skin whitening effect of the whole body, besides using it as a daily dish or as a dietary supplement, we can combine other natural ingredients to form a mixture and “apply” directly to the skin. If massaged properly, the wonderful nutrients of tomatoes will penetrate deeply, nourish healthy skin cells from deep within, effectively fade pigmentation, and stimulate synthesis. collagen wait. (Instructions on how to tomato skin whitening mask effectiveness is widely applied today).

Suggestion recipe for whitening body skin with tomatoes

Working for many years in the field of Spa - beauty, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center understands that our skin is very fragile and is often affected by sunlight and many negative factors. Therefore, the care and recovery of skin cells is extremely important. If neglected, the skin will appear many problems such as wrinkles, dark spots, age spots, melasma and pimples, .. And the abuse of cosmetic chemicals to whiten the skin does not bring the desired effect and safety. wait.

This is even the cause of accelerating skin aging. Therefore, using whitening ingredients extracted from nature such as tomatoes is very good. (How to guide whiten skin with vegetables simple, safe is widely applied).

Here are simple and effective tomato skin whitening recipes that you can apply:

Tomato + Yogurt + Lemon juice

whiten whole body with tomato
Tomato + Yogurt + Lemon juice

Puree 2 ripe tomatoes, mix with 2 tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. After bathing with warm water, you will apply this mixture evenly on your skin, massage your body for about 15 minutes and then shower with cool water.

We should use this mixture 2 times / week so it will bring whitening effect, remove old cells without causing thinning of the skin. The nutrients in tomatoes when combined with vitamins, fermented acids of yogurt and lemon will help fade dark areas, improve skin pigmentation significantly.

Tomato + honey

Honey and tomato are a good combination, both help whiten soft skin and enhance anti-aging ability for the skin. This formula is very simple as follows:

Tomato + honey
Tomato + honey

You just puree 2 ripe tomatoes with 10ml of honey. After bathing, use this mixture to massage all over the body. About 15-20 minutes, nutrients will be absorbed through skin cells. Next, they use warm water to bathe to clean.

This recipe is best used twice a week. After a period of application, you will notice a change in your skin. Keep a diary and we'll keep an eye on the recipe's effectiveness.

Hope the secret whiten whole body with tomatoMiss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Just shared above will help you get smooth, white and beautiful skin as you want. Good luck! (Refer to the recipe whitening mask for pregnant women the most effective).

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