The Importance of Determination in Acne Treatment

The Importance of Determination in Acne Treatment

|Q&A| The Importance of Determination in Acne Treatment

The Importance of Determination in Acne Treatment

Determination in acne treatment

One of the scariest skin phobias is acne. This is the cause of facial skin damage, poor color and makes many people lose confidence when communicating with others.

Acne is considered as one of the chronic diseases, so it cannot be eliminated in a short time but must be a long-term process at least from 3 to 6 months.

Acne treatment is a process of finding the cause and eliminating them at the root to return you clean – healthy skin. So the first thing in the process of "fighting" with these acne is "DETERMINATION" your.

+ With too many types of acne such as: bran acne, blackheads, papules under the skin, or eel acne, etc., it will easily lead to the wrong identification of the cause, thereby using the treatment method. Not suitable makes acne develop more. Worse than skin infection.

+ During the treatment process, you also need to pay close attention to the course of treatment and closely coordinate with the dermatologist. Do not arbitrarily "handle" acne in your own way because that will further help acne develop.

Mistakes that cause prolongation of the course of acne treatment

Finally, when your skin is "attacked" by Acne, don't worry too much, but go to Miss Tram's Dermatologist immediately to be examined and examined carefully. This step is extremely important in determining the condition of acne and the health of the skin so that the most appropriate and effective care can be given.

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– Treatment of Acne – Darkening – Tightening pores with Fractional CO2 Laser.
- Treatment of pitted scars by the method of separating the bottom of the scar + Oriental medicine to regenerate the skin
– Treatment of Acne – Darkening – Pore Scars – Skin Restoration – Even skin tone – Bright and smooth.
- Tighten pores, whiten skin with new generation Laser.
- Regulate sebum, whiten bright, eliminate skin toxins.
- Treatment of keloid scars by microneedling collagen regeneration method.
- Remove melasma at the root with Yag Laser technology.
- Skin care before the wedding day.

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