Why Acne Treatment Still Doesn't End Really

Why Acne Treatment Still Doesn't End

Acne It's a problem everyone has faced in their life. Job Acne treatment Fast or slow will tell you you are the one who knows Skin Care right way or not, do you have a healthy lifestyle or not? Besides, there are many people who are still "stuck" in the definitive treatment of acne. So let's find out why Why does acne treatment still not go away? through the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Why Acne Treatment Never Ends

1. Do you know the type of acne you are having?

There are many types of acne. Each type will have different properties and treatment methods such as self-healing, squeezing the nucleus, applying medication or having to consult a dermatologist. Distinguishing the type of acne you encounter is an important factor to help you treat acne quickly and effectively.

Why Acne Treatment Still Doesn't End Really

In particular, for some types of acne, if treated incorrectly, it can lead to more serious conditions such as dermatitis, increased acne. Therefore, you need to distinguish the type of acne you are having and choose the appropriate treatment method.

2. Did you find the cause of your acne?

To treat acne at the root, it is necessary to find out the cause of acne to come up with an appropriate treatment solution.

Why does acne treatment not go away?

There are many reasons for acne to appear, but it can be reduced to two factors:

Internal causes:

  • Excess oil secretion plus dirt, dead cells remain on the skin for too long, causing clogged pores - this is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and form acne.
  • Unhealthy diet and activities cause damage to internal organs, weakened liver functions, increasing accumulation of toxins and toxic skin.

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External causes:

  • The bad effects from the environment such as sunlight, dust or irritating cosmetics will make the skin weaker, the resistance will decrease and this will set the stage for acne raging.
  • In addition, bad habits such as touching your face often, not taking care of your skin properly, not drinking enough water, etc. will be the necessary conditions to help acne always "stick" to your skin.

So, try again to see what the cause of your acne is and have a remedy accordingly.

3. Do you maintain bad habits?

Why does acne treatment not go away?

As mentioned, bad habits will be the conditions that make acne treatment not go away.

So, get rid of habits that you think affect acne treatment such as:

  • Regularly eat fried, hot and spicy food; Drink a lot of coffee, alcohol…
  • Touch your face often.
  • Constantly staying up late, not getting enough sleep.

4. Do you take proper care of your skin?

One of the secrets of proper acne skin care is clean , and provide enough moisture wait.

Why Acne Treatment Still Doesn't End Really

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This will reduce excess oil secretion, helping to speed up the acne treatment process. Therefore, the following points should be noted:

  • Use makeup remover, suitable facial cleanser to clean the skin thoroughly but do not forcefully, hurt the acne area.
  • Adequate skin care, but choose products suitable for acne skin and remember not to apply too thick – it will make the skin secret, counterproductive.
  • During this time, only masks that are effective in treating acne should be used. Because moisturizing and whitening masks can cause irritation to the skin.
  • Remember to add lots of fruit and drink enough water to keep your skin healthy during this time too.

5. Are you squeezing pimples properly?

Squeezing acne can make acne spots disappear quickly, but very few people know how to squeeze acne properly. Because if you squeeze acne in the wrong way, it can lead to many serious consequences such as spreading the acne area, worsening acne or leaving acne scars on the skin.

Why Acne Treatment Still Doesn't End Really

In addition, with severe acne in important areas such as chin, lips, T-zone; If you arbitrarily pop pimples, it can be dangerous to your health.

Therefore, you should avoid squeezing acne at home, especially severe acne areas such as severe acne, cystic acne, pustules. If you know how to squeeze acne properly, which type of acne can pop, you should also pay attention to cleaning and sterilization. Otherwise, it is best to seek the help of a dermatologist.

6. Do you arbitrarily use acne medication?

Self-treatment methods or good acne medications are often passed on and are interested by many people because they are quite simple and save time. However, not everyone is lucky enough to successfully treat acne this way. Many cases of mild acne, but arbitrarily bought topical acne medication, so the acne situation is more serious, then "drained" to go to a dermatologist.

The use of acne drugs "in the wrong disease" will cause the acne area to become irritated, causing inflammation and swelling. Therefore, to treat acne safely and effectively, please consult a dermatologist.

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7. How often do you clean your pillowcases and makeup brushes?

The direct skin contact with utensils and tools that are not cleaned regularly is one of the causes of acne and can not be treated completely.

The reason why acne treatment does not go away
Regularly clean makeup tools

Items such as pillows, masks, makeup brushes, face towels, cell phones are really "dirty faster" than you think, because they are used and exposed to sweat and dirt. So, remember to clean these items regularly to quickly end acne.

Acne is like a "message" warning that you are not taking care of your skin properly, your body is having problems or your lifestyle and eating habits need to be reviewed. Therefore, the treatment of acne is not day one, day two but a process of change. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you quickly get back your beautiful skin!

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