Why Staying Up Late Is The Cause Of Acne Security

Why Staying Up Late Is The Cause Of Acne

Many young people are in the habit of "NIGHT Plowing" and making friends with "smart phones/laptops" often, thinking that buying expensive skincare products will make their skin safe. But even if you buy millions of cosmetics without going to bed early, your scientific living habits will be useless!

Staying up late is the cause of acne
Staying up late is the cause of acne

Staying up at night disrupts the biological clock, prevents skin cells from regenerating, the liver does not excrete toxins, which is the cause of acne.

Staying up at night also stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more, causing clogged pores, bacteria that cause inflammatory acne, cystic acne, hidden acne ....

To resolve the above situation, please refer to the following ways:

- Go to bed at the right time, make sure to sleep for 6-8 hours every day.

- Arrange to solve work in reasonable time frames, avoid cornering in the evening, make the spirit sluggish, low energy and easy to cause acne.

– Have fun, healthy entertainment, clearly divide the “curfew” time frame.

Skincare for clean, clear skin before going to bed.

– Come to beauty, skin care at prestigious Spas regularly to help the skin recover and regenerate.

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Don't let the "demon of the night" spread the army of acne all over your face! If anyone has been caught in this situation, they must immediately contact the Miss Tram team for advice on treatment directions!

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