Why Eating Hot Spicy Food Cause Acne Catch

Why Eating Hot Spicy Food Cause Acne

Hot spicy food - the favorite dish of the sisters, especially in the cold weather, it is really "out of the box". However, hot spicy food is also the cause of acne formation. Ladies, please read the article below with Miss Tram so that "ugly acne babies" have no chance to appear!

Why Eating Hot Spicy Food Cause Acne Catch

The Reasons Why Hot Spicy Food Cause Acne

Why do hot spicy foods cause acne?

Eating too much spicy food such as chili, pepper, high fat, hot food, stimulants increase the secretion of sebum of the skin, thereby causing acne to grow more.

According to traditional medicine, hot spicy diet generates heat accumulated in the meridians; or cause blood heat and at the same time generate low heat accumulated on the skin.
All of the above causes reduce the process of clearing toxic heat in the body, affecting the physiological balance of the skin, causing acne.

 What to do to "goodbye" acne skin?

- Drink enough water every day

- Limit spicy, hot and greasy foods

- Use some herbs to help clear heat and detoxify the skin

- Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and vegetables every day

In addition, to get the acne-free skin of your dreams, please come to Miss Tram immediately to consult the most suitable acne treatment!

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