The "Miracle" Effect Of Collagen For Women In Beauty Reviews

The "Miracle" Effect Of Collagen For Women In Beauty

collagen How does it work for women in beauty? Women's skin, teeth, fur, hair, etc. are very necessary collagen to grow healthy and beautiful. But when it comes to collagen supplements, perhaps its beauty uses are the most well-known. In fact, if you go deep, you will realize that Collagen is essential for a healthy life. Together Miss Tram VietNam find out!

What is collagen?

In terms of the human body, collagen is actually a type of protein. It is a major component of connective tissue that makes up about 25% to 35% of body protein. When investigating, scientists found that Collagen exists in the form of long fibers and is located in the fibrous tissues of ligaments, tendons and skin.

It is also found in the cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, intestines, and intervertebral discs. An interesting fact is that Collagen makes up 1-2% of muscle tissue, and accounts for 6% of the weight of muscles, tendons and muscles.

From the above data, it is easy to see that the main function of Collagen is to connect tissues in the body together and so without it, the human body can only be separate parts. Just imagining it is scary.

What is collagen?
The use of collagen in beauty

In the human body, collagen can be synthesized or we have to supplement it directly from Collagen rich foods. Vitamin C is abundant in papaya, banana, strawberry, mango, orange, lemon, kiwi and dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, etc. is an important ingredient to help stimulate collagen recovery if Unfortunately it disappears due to aging. Research by the world health organizations, the amount of Vitamin C needed to promote collagen synthesis is up to 1.000mg/day.

In addition, sunlight is considered the number one enemy to accelerate collagen loss. According to consultant dermatologist from the UK, Dr. Nick Lowe "UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and destroy collagen support structures deep under the skin". In addition, to ensure enough Collagen in the skin, we also need to know how to minimize the loss of collagen available in the body by using specialized sunscreens.

The Effect Of Collagen In Beauty

1 Collagen for skin

The general standard of beauty is not a bright white skin, it must be healthy, plump skin. To maintain this with time, with the impact of polluted air, toxic substances, stress in life, etc. Collagen needs to have a solid structure.

Because it makes up 25% of the total body protein and up to 70% of the skin structure. For the skin, Collagen is considered as a glue that connects the cells under the skin that determines the firmness and smoothness. Just not enough collagen for the skin, the skin will quickly age and wrinkle. As for the consequences in case there is no collagen for the skin, it is not daring to imagine.

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2 Collagen for hair

The effect of collagen in beauty
Uses of collagen with hair

"The thing is, the hair is the original human, from ancient times hair has become a special highlight to evaluate a beautiful woman. But you may not know that, Collagen is present in the horny substance in the hair, performing the function of providing nutrients to support the activity of this horny substance. Therefore, supplementing with Collagen also means helping to make hair shiny, smooth, strong as well as limiting hair loss that many people are suffering from today.

3 Collagen for bones

beautify skin effectively with collagen
Benefits of Collagen for Bones

The skeletal system supports and protects the organs in the body, ensuring the smoothest human activity. As long as you have pain in a certain joint, you find it difficult to walk, affecting the worth of going.

If you compare the structure of bone as a house, then calcium is cement, collagen is iron fiber. Besides calcium, collagen accounts for 80% of the composition of bones. But as you grow older with age, collagen is also weakened and aging reduces the elasticity and suppleness of the skeleton. Therefore, supplementing with Collagen helps to strengthen bones and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoporosis.

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These are just a few of the effects of collagen The most basic. Remember that Collagen is a type of Protein, so it will participate in every organ, every life activity. The protection and supplementation of Collagen is always necessary for a healthy and happy life.

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