The Truth About How Long Can Eyebrow Sculpture Lasts Blurry Summary

The Truth How Long Can Eyebrow Sculpture Hold

Currently, eyebrow sculpting is the first choice of women to bring sharper and more natural eyebrows. At the same time, the sculpting process as well as the time to keep the color and shape of the eyebrows is still the most asked question by many women.

And the truth about how long will eyebrow sculpting last Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center revealed in this article.

How long does eyebrow sculpture last?

1 Sculpting eyebrows - a breakthrough in the cosmetic industry

The method of sculpting beautiful eyebrows
The method of sculpting beautiful eyebrows

Sculpture of eyebrows is an advanced technology to engrave fibers for eyebrows. It can be said that this is an emerging trend that is loved by young people. If tattoo spray Instead of sparse eyebrows with a series of dark tattoo ink, eyebrow sculpting uses extremely small needles that are attached to each other and carve new eyebrows, mixed with real eyebrows.

The special thing is that this method applies not only to girls, but men can also do it. It helps to perfectly overcome defects such as missing, missing the tail or tip of the eyebrow, the eyebrow area is empty - scar needs to be covered with hairs. This sculpting technique is very natural, looking at it is not afraid to reveal aesthetic traces, so it is popular with many young people. (Refer: Is eyebrow sculpture durable?? Hear from insiders).

2 What are the advantages of eyebrow sculpture?

The process of performing eyebrow sculpting at a reputable facility
The process of performing eyebrow sculpting at a reputable facility

Highlights of sculpting eyebrows It is possible to offset between the real eyebrows, helping to create a more natural-looking eyebrow shape. Because of sculpting each eyebrow, rather than spraying a whole surface, this is the only technique that helps you have super natural eyebrows, almost hardly notice the intervention of Cosmetic methods on eyebrows.

In addition, this technique is also very suitable for men, who are always afraid when it comes to sex. aesthetic method. Thanks to this technology, men will own masculine eyebrows without leaving a trace after cosmetic surgery. From there, it helps men feel more confident when interacting with others.

3 How long does eyebrow sculpture last?

How long does eyebrow sculpting keep?
Beautiful eyebrow sculpting technology at Miss Tram

When going to beauty, everyone wants to keep their beauty for a long time. But for current cosmetic methods, there are certain limitations in terms of time used. With the eyebrow sculpting method, the maintenance time usually lasts from 3-5 years. However, the above time depends on many different factors:

The first is depending on your skin type, if your skin is too sensitive, when performing eyebrow sculpting, it will easily lead to side effects such as swelling of the eyebrows, pain. Since then it is difficult to keep the color fastness of the ink color.

Besides, the selection of a reputable and quality aesthetic facility also contributes to prolonging the effective time of eyebrow sculpting. At reputable establishments, tattoo ink is often imported from abroad such as Germany and the US, two countries producing tattoo ink that are considered to be of the world's top quality. Quality assurance tattoo inks will not have harmful substances, do not affect the health of the customer much, moreover, the fading will be much longer than poor quality tattoo inks. (Refer to the Note to help eyebrows always beautiful by the time).

How long does eyebrow sculpting keep?
Results before and after customer eyebrow sculpting

Finally, the lifespan of any aesthetic method However, the method of eyebrow sculpting often depends on how to take care of the eyebrows after cosmetic surgery. In the first week after cosmetic surgery, you should limit water, soap, or cosmetics in the eyebrow area. At the same time, combine the use of creams suitable for your body.

The above methods will be more carefully guided by the experts of the beauty salon. Itchy eyebrows may appear in the first few days, but it's just a normal reaction of the skin, absolutely do not scratch because it can cause swelling of the newly cosmetic eyebrow.

The need for beauty is legitimate, but you should choose for yourself a reputable, quality center to be able to bring the best effects for yourself.

European Standard 9D Female Eyebrow Sculpting Process

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6 thoughts on "The Truth How Long Can Eyebrow Sculpture Hold"

  1. Hoang Thien An says:

    Hello spa, now more than a year ago I sprayed my eyebrows in Quy Nhon (my hometown) now I want to sculpt my eyebrows at my center, or have I sprayed them before? Now I have to spray tattoos but can't do sculpting anymore.

    • CEO - Master Dong Bao Tram says:

      Hi Thien An,
      The eyebrows you have ever done (tattooed / sprayed / embroidered) can completely re-sculpt by removing eyebrow tattoo. In fact, this is a very simple and safe procedure using modern beauty equipment. You also do not worry too much about affecting the skin, leaving scars, .. because this only happens with poor quality facilities.

    • CEO - Master Dong Bao Tram says:

      Hello Thanh Luan,

      + Sculpting eyebrows is the most aesthetic method of creating eyebrows today. Accordingly, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to put ink on the skin, carve each fiber meticulously and intertwine naturally like the real thing. Some countries also call this technique Microblading or Embroidery technique as well, although Embroidery means embroidery.

      + Cost of eyebrow sculpture: 3.000.000 VND - 6.000.000 VND (depending on the facility, ink type and care policy)

      More specifically about techniques and methods to beautify eyebrows, Luan can see here