Instructions on how to use mineral spray properly for beautiful smooth skin

Use Mineral Spray Correctly For Beautiful Smooth Skin

Mineral spray is the product Skin Care Every day is indispensable for most women today. Because it contains a lot of essential mineral ingredients Helps hydrate, balance pH while protecting skin from environmental aggressors external such as dirt, bacteria, ...( Refer: How to Protect Skin When the Air is Polluted, Fine Dust)

However, How to use mineral spray properly for the best skin? It is still a matter of concern for many people. Let's go together now Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn how to use mineral spray properly for beautiful smooth skin in the article below.

When is the Best Time to Use Mineral Spray?

1 Early morning

Mineral spray in the early morning not only helps to clean the face, but also helps to moisturize and replenish the skin after a long night. This makes the skin plumper and smoother.

2 Before go to bed

After a long day, your skin will be exposed to many factors such as dust, bacteria, wind, sun, etc., making the skin weaker. So, mineral spray before bed will help provide nutrients and moisture to the skin, limiting the condition of the skin to secrete oil better.

When to use mineral spray?
When is the best time to use mineral spray?

3 Before And After Makeup

Mineral spray before makeup both tightens pores, provides adequate moisture to the skin, and helps balance pH to make skin brighter and softer. In addition, mineral spray after makeup will help makeup last longer, brighter and softer.

4 After Makeup Remover

Mineral spray at this time not only helps to lock the skincare layer, but also moisturizes, hydrates and stabilizes the pH of the skin.

5 When Feeling Dry Skin

Performing the mineral spray step when the skin is dry will help prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated effectively.

6 When the Skin produces a lot of Oil

The skin will secrete its own oil to balance the amount of water when there is a lack of moisture. Therefore, to avoid the case that the skin produces a lot of oil that causes acne, you should spray the skin with mineral oil when it feels more oily.

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Instructions on How to Use Mineral Spray Correctly

Correct mineralization steps
Correct mineralization steps

Since most mineral sprays are usually extracted in a handy spray bottle, the usage is the same for any brand:

✅ Step 1 Perform skin cleansing.
✅ Step 2 Wait about 5 seconds for pores to expand, then use mineral spray.
✅ Step 3 Before use, shake the mineral spray bottle about 2 to 3 times.
✅ Step 4 Hold the spray bottle vertically, parallel to the skin surface. However, in order for the mineral nutrients to penetrate better into the skin, the spray head should be slightly tilted towards the face.
✅ Step 5 Press the spray nozzle in a circular direction and move it evenly around the face

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Notes When Using Mineral Spray

  • Use mineral spray twice a day if you often sit in an air-conditioned room.
  • Choose the right mineral spray for your skin condition to avoid the case that the more you use it, the drier or more oily the skin becomes.
  • If you have dry skin, use a combination of moisturizer and serum before applying the mineral spray to keep your skin soft.
  • Before applying the mineral spray, you should clean your face, because if the skin is dirty, it will prevent the absorption of nutrients into the skin.
  • When applying mineral spray, you should close your eyes to avoid damaging the eye area.
Important notes when using mineral spray
Important notes when using mineral spray

It can be said that mineral spray is a "savior" to help women protect their skin as well as provide nutrients to make the skin softer and cooler. Hope with the content Use mineral spray correctlyMiss Tram VietNam Just shared above will be useful information for you.

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