After Eyelash Extensions How To Care For The Right Way Principles

How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions After Eyelash Extensions

|Q&A| How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions After Eyelash Extensions

After Eyelash Extensions How To Care For The Right Way Principles

Eyelash extensions are to improve the defects of the eyes, giving the eyes more glitter and charm. But after eyelash extensions, many women feel "bewildered" not knowing how to take care of them properly to keep their eyelashes beautiful, durable and safe for the eyes.

And Miss Tram VietNam "pocket" immediately the notes on how to take care of eyelashes in this article!

Minimize rubbing your eyes when you've just finished eyelash extensions

When you have just finished eyelash extensions, an uncomfortable, slightly itchy feeling in the eyelids will appear and the natural reflex will be to raise your hand to rub your eyes. However, to have beautiful eyelashes, you have to be "hard" and say NO to this action.

Wash your face gently, carefully, avoid washing near the eye area

– Always remember that “I have doll eyes with angel lashes” so when washing your face, don't hurt them.

– Avoid washing the eye area, do not let water come into contact with eyelash extension glue, especially warm water because it will cause the glue to lose its adhesion. Use a cotton pad to absorb water and gently wash around the eyes.

Limit eye makeup, do not apply mascara

After finishing eyelash extensions, the eyelashes have a certain thickness, so you should limit makeup in the eye area and absolutely do not apply mascara because it will damage the eyelashes.

Sleep in the right position, avoid breaking eyelashes

Many of you have a habit of sleeping or lying face down on the pillow or lying on your side, this accidentally damages your newly attached eyelashes because they are not 100% complete.

When going out, wear sunglasses

After finishing eyelash extensions, you should regularly wear sunglasses when going out to protect your eyes from dust and dirt, but also to help you keep your eyelashes longer.

Regularly check eyelash extensions

– To avoid the case that the eyelash extensions are open, you should check the eyelash extensions every day. If you find that there is an opening or signs of gradual loss, it is best to go to an eyelash extension facility to reapply new eyelashes.

- After each check, you should use your hands to gently push the eyelashes up in their curvature to help curl and more evenly!

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Come on girls of Miss Tram, remember to read carefully to keep your eyelashes durable and beautiful for longer!
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