Famous But Harmful Skin Care Products For Sensitive Skin Checkmark

Famous But Harmful Skin Care Products For Sensitive Skin

Skin Care It is always a matter of great concern to women. Most women will choose cosmetic lines or famous skin care products on the market. However, if you do not choose wisely and arbitrarily use inappropriate products, your skin can have many serious problems.

According to Healthline magazine (a reputable online medical and health website), many beauty products are extremely famous, but with sensitive skin, they can cause a lot of damage. Together Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center List the skin care products to avoid for sensitive skin.

Skin Care Products Not Good For Sensitive Skin

1. Makeup remover tissue

In recent years, makeup remover tissues are being "cclaimed" for their quick - convenient - effective makeup removal and skin cleansing properties. Many beauty magazines recommend that women should pocket this product to remove makeup in an emergency.

Skin care products are not good for sensitive skin
Dry and sensitive skin needs to limit makeup remover

The convenience that makeup remover tissue brings is undeniable, but not all skin is suitable for them for the following reasons:

  • The ingredients in makeup remover tissues contain a lot of alcohol, preservatives and fragrances – easily irritating to dry, sensitive skin.
  • Makeup remover tissues are made from polyester, polypropylene, cotton, rayon materials - not "friendly" to the skin and can cause damage if used too hard.

Therefore, with dry and sensitive skin, you need to minimize the use of these cleaning products. As for normal skin, oily skin, you also need to be careful and should not use makeup remover tissue too often. Because they will not completely clean cosmetic residue and dirt like makeup removal steps with specialized products.

2. Exfoliating St. Ives Apricot Scrub

St. Ives Apricot Scrub is an exfoliating product with crushed walnut extract. Since its inception, this product has been "worshiped" by many beauty believers because of its natural ingredients and great uses.

Cosmetics are not good for sensitive skin
Exfoliating St. Ives Apricot Scrub is not good for sensitive skin

However, not everyone appreciates this cosmetic line, especially those with delicate skin, acne or sensitive skin. The reason is that the lithium component from crushed walnuts is too rough, easy to cause damage and irritation on the skin.

Some studies also suggest that exfoliating ingredients containing crushed nuts from fruit or other ingredients with a structure similar to walnuts have a high risk of irritation with sensitive skin. Therefore, look for granular exfoliants that are more gentle on the skin like hydrogenated jojoba beads, or chemical exfoliants if your skin is prone to irritation.

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3. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

Cetaphil face wash is recommended by many dermatologists for sensitive skin. So why does Healthline magazine list them as harmful products for the skin?

Cosmetics not suitable for sensitive skin
Cetaphil cleanser is not suitable for sensitive skin

The reason is in the composition of SRM Cetaphil including: water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben. Inside:

  • There are 3 ingredients parabens – potentially carcinogenic.
  • There are 5 ingredients that are in the group of endocrine disruptors.

Although this line of face wash does not cause direct or visible harm. But for those of you who have delicate skin, are concerned about the chemical ingredients in this product, or are a follower of "Green" cosmetics, Cetaphil Cleanser is not your choice.

4. Clarisonic Facial Cleanser

Since its inception, the Clarisonic Facial Cleanser has made a big splash and is chosen by many women with the desire to deep clean pores. However, the unexpected effect of this machine is that it functions as an exfoliator – which has a huge impact on the skin because they are used EVERY DAY as a face wash.

Skin care products are not suitable for sensitive skin
Clarisonic facial cleanser is not suitable for sensitive skin

With a fairly sturdy brush design and vibration of the machine when operating, the Clarisonic Facial Washer will strip away the natural oils, wear down the skin and cause irritation if used daily.

So, with healthy skin, you should only use this cleansing device 1-2 times a week. As for thin and sensitive skin, you should definitely not try.

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5. Boscia Luminizing Charcoal Mask Mặt

In the early days of appearing on the market, Boscia Luminizing black charcoal mask made many women crazy because of its cleansing effect. Because this mask line can effectively remove blackheads and dead skin layers.

skin care mask not suitable for sensitive skin
Boscia Luminizing Charcoal Mask is not suitable for sensitive skin da

However, this product will also remove delicate new skin cells and even weak hairs. For those of you with healthy skin, it's okay, but those with sensitive skin will feel how damaged their skin is after use.

Therefore, if your skin is sensitive, it is best to choose more benign mask lines such as clay, mineral mud or activated charcoal to nourish and clean your skin in a safer way.

6. Glamglow Firming Treatment Mask

Glamglow's line of skin treatment masks are quite famous because they are advertised with many uses and "looks" extremely glitter. However, scientists are quite opposed to this line of skin care cosmetics for the following reasons:

Cosmetics are not good for sensitive skin
Glamglow Firming Treatment Mask is not suitable for sensitive skin

Glitter beads do not have a beautifying effect, but can cause abrasion and skin damage during use. In particular, they also cause extreme environmental pollution because they are difficult to filter through the water treatment system.

The mud in the mask has no effect on tightening the skin (only the Dead Sea mud has this effect). Therefore, you can use this type of mask to "live virtual", but for beauty uses, it is best not to use it. Especially those prone to irritation such as acne, sensitive skin.

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7. Biore Pore Strips Blackhead Removal

Blackhead Peeling Biore Pore Strips is used to remove stubborn blackheads in the nose area. This product is quite famous and favored by many women because of its convenience and high efficiency.

Cosmetics are not suitable for sensitive skin
Blackhead Peeling Biore Pore Strips is not suitable for sensitive skin

However, the composition of Biore Pore Strips contains Polyquaternium-37 (a key ingredient in hairspray), which can cause tearing and irritation of the skin during the peeling process. Therefore, for sensitive skin, you should use natural acne removal formulas instead of this beauty product.

Sensitive skin is very delicate and easily irritated, especially with cleansing cosmetic lines. Therefore, when choosing skin care products for this type of "fluffy" skin, you need to learn carefully about the ingredients, uses as well as the origin to ensure the safest.

In particular, never choose to buy indiscriminately the "hot" product lines on the market, because not every famous name is suitable for all skin types.

Hope the above sharing will be useful to you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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