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Check Out 7 Common Skin Care Mistakes Men Make

Whether you are a man or a woman, you always want to have a healthy and beautiful skin. Because beautiful skin is always one of the leading measures of human beauty and age. However, unlike women, men's knowledge and beauty needs are quite limited. Therefore, many men often encounter many skin problems without knowing where the cause originates.

From practice male customers come skin treatment in Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, we would like to list the mistakes that men make most often in the daily skin care process.

Skin Care Mistakes Men Often Make.

1. "Temporarily borrow" women's skin care products

Structurally, men's skin is usually thicker and more oily than women's skin. This leads to completely different skin cleansing and moisturizing needs of men and women (even with the same skin type). Therefore, the use of female skin care products by men will make the skin prone to many problems, especially the problem of sebum secretion.

Do not use women's skin care products
Do not use women's skin care products

Therefore, instead of "temporarily borrowing" women's skin care products, men need to use specialized products with natural extracts, especially always choosing the right cream texture. (Refer to the Signs to identify unsuitable cosmetics You must be familiar with it).

2. Not doing basic skin care steps

The necessary condition for a healthy skin is deep cleansing and enough moisture. However, not everyone can do this, especially men. The cause could be:

  • Can't choose the right skin care products: Choosing the right skin care products is very important and affects the health of the skin. Therefore, you should be very careful to make sure the line of cleansers and moisturizers you are using is suitable for your skin type.
  • Wash your face too often or too littleMen should wash their face with cleanser twice a day and wash their face with clean water no more than 2 times in the middle of the day. If you wash your face too much, it will make the skin lose its natural moisture and cause the skin to produce more excess oil. And if too little, the skin will not be cleaned deeply and there is a risk of acne formation.
  • Using the wrong dosage: For moisturizer, using too much will make the skin easily clogged. But if it is too little, it is not enough nutrients to supply the skin. Therefore, you need to use a moderate amount according to the instructions (usually, just lượng of a coin is enough for the face).

3. Think only women need sun protection

Men also need to use sunscreen regularly
Men also need to use sunscreen regularly

According to dermatologists, sunscreen is one of the 3 most essential skin care products that men need to invest in. By not simply protecting the skin from sunburn and darkening, sunscreen also prevents the formation of melasma, freckles, especially anti-aging and effectively prevents skin cancer.

Therefore, even if you want to own a tan, you should also use sunscreen regularly, especially when outdoors. (Reveal men's skin care routine currently the most appreciated standard).

4. Improper shaving

The structure of beards is not like hair, they are very hard and dry. Therefore, if shaving is not done properly, men's skin is very vulnerable. So what is the wrong way to shave?

You've really shaved the right way
You've really shaved the right way
  • Shave without softening the beard firstc: stiff beard will make hair follicles and skin vulnerable.
  • Shave right before exerciseShaving: Shaving can cause small damage to the skin, but exercise stimulates blood circulation and sweats, so it is easy to make this skin area irritated and damaged.
  • No skin care after shaving: After shaving the skin is often dry and more sensitive, so if it is not moisturized after shaving, this area will be prone to itching and irritation due to dryness.
  • Using a bad quality razor: Using a dull razor, an old knife or a dirty knife makes the skin more susceptible to damage and infection.
  • If the shaving step always causes skin damage, the entire facial skin of men is also easily affected.

5. Eating "bluff"

Men often have many unhealthy eating habits such as hot spicy food, fast food, alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, etc. These food sources not only affect the digestive system and excretory system. essential, causing the body to accumulate toxins but also lose a large amount of vitamins. These things will make the skin increasingly dull, pour more oil and easily appear more acne spots. (Refer to top anti aging skin food for men you should know).

Need a scientific diet
Need a scientific diet

6. Touching your face is a "normal" thing

Men always consider the habit of touching their face as a "normal thing in the district", but actually this "common thing" is one of the main reasons why acne is becoming more and more "familiar" to the skin. According to research, the amount of bacteria on human hands is extremely abundant - because this is the part that comes in contact with the most external objects and tools.

Therefore, just touching the skin for a few seconds, bacteria will quickly penetrate the skin and cause certain lesions.

In particular, when the skin has acne or open wounds, these bacteria will quickly multiply and make this skin condition more serious.

7. Staying up late with electronic devices

Staying up late and electronic devices are two very harmful agents for the skin. If you stay up too late, the skin repair and regeneration process will not take place enough, leading to dull and weak skin. And electronic devices emit radiation, making the skin quickly dull, easily freckled and aging quickly.

Limit staying up late with electronic devices
Limit staying up late with electronic devices

And a sad fact is that modern men often stay up late at night with electronic devices. It may be due to work or recreational activities, but this condition makes the health and resistance of the skin seriously degraded.

These mistakes not only cause men's skin to appear many problems, but also greatly affect the structure and skin aging process later. Therefore, if you care about your appearance, you should pay more attention to the process Skincare every day.

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have the most beautiful healthy skin!

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