Review beauty services of H&T Spa HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation?

Review Beauty Services Of H&T Spa HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation

Established in 2013, H&T Spa has become one of the famous high-tech skin care and treatment centers in Ho Chi Minh. This place is constantly updating new non-surgical beauty trends to bring good quality services with quick implementation time, long lasting effect.
If you are in need of beauty at H&T Spa but are still wondering about the services and prices here, please refer to the following review immediately.

Information on Beauty Services at H&T Spa

With continuous learning - research - development, H&T Spa offers a diverse system of non-invasive beauty services including:

  • High-tech skin care service: Treatment of freckles with Ultra Micro Touch technology, treatment of folliculitis by Fusion Therapy technology, pinking of nipples - private area, treatment of dark underarms/buttock/inguinal area by RF technology.
  • Royal skin care service: Treatment of Royal melasma, lifting - skin rejuvenation with Vline Therapy technology, deep rejuvenation with Duet Lifting Young technology, skin tightening using Mulgwang technology, restoring damaged skin with EFG essence.
  • Skin care - whitening service: Skin care packages from basic to advanced, lead suction - Natural Detox, white skin - even skin tone CN White Skin, Nano White facial whitening, bright white with vitamin C essence, Jetclean deep skin care, Macord Pro skin whitening regeneration, moisturizing - skin lightening - anti-aging service by fresh collagen implantation.
  • Full body care: HT Nano White whitening bath, Royal Spaceship technology whitening bath for men, body exfoliation, Bio Collagen bio-skin replacement.
  • Skin care service for acne - dark - pitted scars: Acne skin care with Green Laser technology, back acne treatment with BIO Light, skin acne treatment with laser technology, acne skin care, pitted scar treatment.
  • Other beauty services: Safely handle women's hair, handle men's hair, reduce fat, spray baby lips, spray eyeliner, spray - sculpt eyebrows, treat moles.

Come to H&T Spa to be consulted by the staff to use the most suitable beauty service.

Are Beauty Services At H&T Spa Good and Prestigious?

Over 10 years of operation in the profession, H&T Spa has received the trust and choice of a large number of customers in Ho Chi Minh City. What is the reason for this success? Let's review and analyze the operational aspects of H&T Spa to have the most objective view:

Personnel factor

Staff at HT spa are dedicated and professional
Staff at HT spa dedicated and professional

H&T Spa attaches great importance to the quality of human resources, so the process of selecting and training employees is strict. The technicians are all experienced, professional working attitude, dedicated to the profession.

The unit supports employees to improve their skills, update beauty trends and new technologies regularly through training and courses from leading domestic and foreign experts.

Infrastructure factors

H&T Spa owns 2 branches in District 10 and District 1 with a system of spacious rooms, ensuring full amenities and hygiene. The spa space is airy, designed in a modern, simple but equally luxurious style, including:

  • The lobby area is spacious, serving snacks and drinks.
  • Private service room, discreet.
  • The machinery system is purchased new and regularly maintained to help prevent unexpected problems during use.

Technological factors

HT spa has modern technology equipment
HT spa has modern technology equipment

H&T Spa is known as one of the pioneers and pioneers in improving technology and applying new science and technology of the beauty industry in the world. Some outstanding technologies have been transferred to H&T Spa including: Ultheraphy Extra, Vline Therapy, Fusion Therapy…

Operational factors

The working process and operation of H&T Spa are clearly presented and implemented closely to ensure the interests of customers:

  • Return and refund policy: H&T Spa refunds service fees if the quality is not as committed. The unit supports customers to change service packages to service packages of equivalent or lower value if required.
  • Payment policy: When agreeing to use the service, customers proceed to pay immediately by cash, credit card, debit card.
  • Shipping policy: Support to deliver products (pharmaceuticals) to your home at the address requested by the customer, orders are only sent when payment is received from the customer.
  • Information privacy policy: All customer information is committed to being absolutely confidential, not sold to third parties.

Quotation for Beauty Services at H&T Spa

Below is a quote of outstanding beauty services at H&T Spa for your reference in 2023.

Service price list at H&T Spa for reference
Service price list at H&T Spa for reference

Note: This price list may be adjusted from time to time, please contact H&T Spa directly for the most accurate quote.

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