Review of Midu spa in HCM

Review Beauty Services Of Midu Spa HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation?

Midu Spa is one of the famous beauty addresses in Ho Chi Minh City with advanced beauty technologies from Korea, USA, Germany... Do you want to learn about the services, quality, and prices at the spa? Deciding whether to choose?

Today's article will answer specifically for you the above questions, please stay tuned!

1 Beauty Services at Midu Spa HCM

Meeting the beauty and relaxation needs of customers, Midu Spa provides a variety of services. Specifically there are:

  • Treat pitted scars with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) method: use the client's blood to obtain a platelet-rich plasma called PRP. The technician uses PRP to apply to the area to be treated – stimulating the production of new cells.
  • Intensive skin care: Apply the most modern Oxy Jet technology in the US to make skin bright, smooth and healthy.
  • Treat inflammatory acne, hidden acne, acne bran…: IPL, Oxy Jet, Bio Light technologies affect the skin structure, destroy the bacterial colonies below the skin surface.
  • Treatment of melasma - freckles: advanced Q-Switched Laser technology, which uses direct impact lasers to improve skin tone; prevent melasma, freckles recurrence.
  • Lifting - wrinkle removal - skin rejuvenation Hifu: brings a slim V-Line face, repels wrinkles, helps skin plump, bright and smooth.
  • Laser treatment for body – armpit – groin: The new generation CO2 Fractional Laser technology destroys the melanocytes that cause darkening and nourishes the cells naturally.
  • Permanent hair removal body, armpit, bikini, face: application of IPL technology to penetrate deep into the pores, make hair fall naturally, lifetime warranty.
  • Remove moles, skin tags, warts, tattoos, keloids: Fractional CO2 Laser technology with a high wavelength of 10.600nm burns the focused array, completely removing moles, skin tags, warts, tattoos, keloids; stimulates the production of new cells to compensate for the lack of tissue in the treatment area. 
  • Spray, sculpt eyebrows; Collagen lip spray; Fix bad eyebrows: performed by a team of skilled tattoo technicians, organic ink, and thoroughly disinfected tattoo tools.
  • Bathing the spaceship: Safe white bath method, remove dull skin to make skin smooth, white and pink.
  • Reduce belly fat: RF technology reduces belly fat fast, suitable for Vietnamese people.
  • Tighten facial and body pores: Laser Toning technology helps to shrink pores - regain firm, smooth skin.
  • Treatment of neck, shoulders, and back of the neck, to clear meridians of the whole body; body/foot massage: services are studied from a combination of art and learning; Helps reduce stress, stress, reduce damage from injuries.
The staff is taking care of the customer's skin
The staff is taking care of the customer's skin

2 Midu Spa's Quality Review, Quotation for Beauty Services 

Midu Spa service quality

Is the quality of Midu Spa's services really good? To get the answer, let's explore the following aspects:


At Midu Spa, all technicians go through a rigorous interview and trial process. They are trained and improve their knowledge and skills through training sessions and technology transfer guided by leading industry experts. 

The unit also focuses on considerate, thoughtful and professional factors when working, bringing the most comfortable relaxing moments for customers.

Facilities and equipment

Midu Spa is a facility that focuses on non-surgical beauty – a trend that is growing strongly in Vietnam as well as in the world. The unit owns many advanced and highly effective beauty technologies such as: Q-Switched ND YAG, CO2 Fractional, Oxy Jet, Bio Light, IPL...

In order to meet the needs of customers, Midu Spa also constantly improves beauty treatments from basic to intensive; Quickly update the latest technologies to diversify services.

In the process of investing in facilities and equipment, Midu Spa focuses on modern, comfortable factors and ensures hygiene rules in the service system.

Employees are using technology to melt belly fat for customers
Employees are using technology to melt belly fat for customers

Service commitment

To bring peace of mind and satisfaction to customers, Midu Spa has service commitments:

  • Using products of clear origin, reputable brands with international certification.
  • Efficient service as advertised, refund if not quality.
  • The staffs all have degrees, in-depth knowledge, and effective application of beauty treatments/methods.
  • Quotes are clear, do not arise.
  • Long-term warranty, clear policy for each service.
  • Dedicated and attentive service before, during and after the service.

3 Service quote at Midu Spa

Midu Spa is one of the beauty spas with a competitive price list in the market. The unit also gives customers a "super bargain" experience with attractive incentives and gratitude policies.

Midu Spa HCM - One of the highly rated spas in HCM
Midu Spa HCM – One of the highly rated spas in HCM

Below is a reference price list for beauty services at Midu Spa:

  • The price is updated in 2022, so please contact the spa directly to receive the latest and most accurate quote.
  • Depending on the skin condition - the problem the customer encounters, the service price may vary.
Services Reference price (VND)
Treat pitted scars PRP 1.900.000
Burn keloid scars 490.000
Acne Treatment 450.000
Burning warts/warts 99.000
Remove moles 99.000
Lifting - wrinkle removal - skin rejuvenation Hifu 4.900.000
Permanent hair removal 990.000 – 1.200.000
Treating body bruises due to car falls, insect bites 490.000
Laser treatment for dark underarms 990.000
White bath spaceship 590.000
Intensive skin care 350.000
Treatment of melasma, freckles 490.000
Remove Tattoos 490.000
Treat dark lips 900.000
Spray - sculpt eyebrows  900.000-1.500.000
Spray lip collagen 1.200.000

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