Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation?

Famous for the skin care and treatment services quality, application of advanced technology, Anchee Clinic quite a lot of customers at Ho Chi Minh trust choice. However, among countless spas on the market that are heavily advertised, many people still feel confused about the quality of service at this spa.

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? Is the beauty service of Anchee Clinic HCM good?? Is it as advertised? How to quote? Find out more in the following article.

1 About Anchee Clinic

Established in 2015, Anchee Clinicec is gradually aiming to be a comprehensive beauty address, helping customers to take care of their beauty, be more confident with their appearance at the most reasonable cost.

Currently, the unit is operating in 2 branches in Phu Nhuan and Tan Binh with well-invested facilities and a team of qualified staff.

Each service, Anchee Clinic is guaranteed to perform with a closed, quality process, using products of clear origin. This is also the reason that most of the customers who have experienced the service at the spa leave positive feedback.

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth
Beauty service at Anchee Clinic HCM

2 What Services Does Anchee Clinic Offer?

With the mission of "bringing comprehensive beauty to every customer", Anchee Clinic constantly develops a variety of services such as:

Skin treatment

Anchee Clinic has strength in skin care and treatment services. Specifically:

  • Face acne treatment: multiple treatments acne treatment Medicine combined with PRP 4.0 to treat pitted scars, needle roller to treat pitted scars, Mulgwang Korea +, Peel skin.
  • Back acne treatment: treatment of back acne by methods such as needle roller for back acne, folliculitis, laser for back acne.
  • Treat melasma, freckles: using PRP, Laser, Mesotherapy technologies.
  • Skin rejuvenation: skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal by RF technology.
  • Treat dark eyes: Laser dark circle removal, Fresh collagen Mesotherapy, RF technology.
  • Skin Care: using quality procedures such as Carbon Laser, Vitamin Collagen electrophoresis, Vitamin C electrophoresis, Japanese spirulina + C, Nano Collagen fiber, red ginseng transplant.

In addition, Anchee Clinic also offers a number of other services such as: acne treatment, leg scar treatment, laser mole removal, breast pink, buttock darkening, tattoo removal, ice hair removal - 2 degrees , dark armpit treatment, filler - botox, ...

Spray cosmetic tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is not Anchee Clinic's strength, but it is still highly appreciated by customers thanks to its team of skilled technicians.

The unit is currently opening the following services:

  • Eyelid tattoo.
  • Eyebrow embroidery spray.
  • Sculpting eyebrows.
  • Spray fresh collagen lips.

Anchee Clinic is committed to using organic tattoo ink Standards should ensure that tattoo spray products are beautiful, durable and safe for customers.

White bath

With whitening service, Anchee Clinic is quite famous for its high efficiency, reasonable cost and application of advanced procedures. Customers also have a lot of options such as:

  • White shower spaceship.
  • Natural whitening care.
  • Face white.
  • White infusion.
Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth
White bath service at Anchee Clinic HCM

Lose weight

As a non-surgical beauty unit, Anchee Clinic offers slimming services with Cavi-Lipo technology. This is a method of reducing excess fat by focusing ultrasound waves, helping to destroy excess fat tissue, converting it to liquid and excreting it to the outside. This service meets the slimming needs of most people over 18 years old.

3 Is Anchee Clinic's Beauty Service Good?

To evaluate the service quality of Anchee Clinic is it good or not, is it worth choosing or not, you can take a look at the advantages of the unit:

Modern facilities, machinery and technology

The space of Anchee Clinic is not only airy, spacious and clean, but also arranged independently and discreetly. The equipment, machinery and technology are regularly updated, supporting the improvement of service quality, providing quick treatment and beauty results for customers.

Highly qualified staff

Experts, technicians or consultants at Anchee Clinic are carefully selected. All have full operational certifications and regularly participate in advanced training courses and periodic checks.

Professional beauty treatments

Any service, from basic skin care to complex treatments, Anchee Clinic has a medical standard process, ensuring the following criteria: safe, self-contained and highly effective for customers. In particular, all treatments are performed in a private space, helping customers feel the most comfortable and natural when experiencing the service.

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth
Professional skin care with biological light

Quality beauty products

All services at Anchee Clinic are committed to using products of clear origin, proven to be of clear origin, to ensure safety - benign for customers.

Various beauty services

Customers can choose from many services from skin care - treatment, cosmetic tattoo spray, slimming, relaxing massage to botox injection, filler, etc. Anchee Clinic also regularly launches affordable beauty service packages. well, giving customers the opportunity to improve their appearance from head to toe.

4 Anchee Clinic Beauty Service Quote

Anchee Clinic Currently there are a number of beauty services publicly available, you can consult, compare, evaluate and make the right choice for your needs. However, these are only reference price lists, you should contact directly for the most detailed quote.

  • Price list of acne treatment services:

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth

  • Price list for hair removal services:

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth

  • Quotation for skin care services:

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth

  • Price of cosmetic tattoo spray service:

Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? Truth

Hope these Review Anchee Clinic HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation will help you understand more about the beauty service of this unit. To learn more about other beauty units, you can refer to the General series Top Prestigious Beauty Spas of Miss Tram VietNam.

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