Skin Care in the Age of Pollution and Disease: Needing Simple Professional Treatments

Skin Care in the Age of Pollution and Disease: Need Professional Treatments

In recent times, we often face negative impacts from the environment, especially fine dust pollution and raging diseases. Therefore, in addition to worrying about protecting the health of their families, women also face many skin problems. And to have a healthy and beautiful skin in this environmental condition, women need to rely on the skin care routine profession.

Skin Care in the Age of Pollution and Disease: Need Professional Treatments

1. The impact of air pollution, disease on the skin

Many people believe that the sun is the biggest external factor affecting the skin. However, whether you know the level of air pollution, water quality or environmental humidity also greatly affects the health of your skin.

The impact of air pollution, disease on the skin
The impact of air pollution, disease on the skin

In the past few years, the phenomenon of dense fine dust (dust particles of extremely small size, 10-20 times smaller than pores) is one of the main causes of increased skin inflammation and irritation. Like acne, rosacea appears. Fine dust is also the agent that breaks down the lipid layer and collagen naturally on the skin, making the skin weaker, more sensitive and quickly facing sagging, wrinkles.

In particular, the increasingly complicated epidemic situation has made the frequency of using our masks increasingly dense. Wearing a mask too much, too tight will make the skin secret, pour a lot of oil, the skin is vulnerable and quickly appear problems with acne, large pores, ... Not to mention the use of layers. Thin, dark medical masks will make the skin susceptible to sunburn and dull.

With such negative effects from the outside, will the skin care steps at home take care of the skin effectively? 

How to take care of skin in the time of air pollution
Skincare steps at home are not enough in the era of pollution and epidemics

According to dermatologists, if you only basic skin care such as: cleansing the skin, exfoliating, moisturizing, applying sunscreen will not be enough to have a healthy and beautiful skin in this polluted era. At the very least, you need to have a thorough skin care cycle such as: have a steaming schedule, apply a mask, massage your face, etc.

In addition, if your skin is having a number of problems such as acne skin, large pores, increasingly dull skin and fast aging conditions, it is best, you should look for skin care treatments. Professional leather. Because these are the signs that show the steps Skincare at your home is not right / not enough in this era of pollution and epidemic.

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2. Effective skin care treatments for each skin problem at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

+ Dull, greasy, rough skin, large pores and gradually losing elasticity

Skin care in the age of air pollution
CO2 detox mask for dull, shiny skin da

With this skin condition, you should use Skin detox treatment with CO2 mask. According to dermatologists at Miss Tram, skin care - detox with CO2 mask is a method to improve skin problems in a very effective way. Because in addition to the ability to detoxify, the CO2 mask also helps to increase collagen, regenerate damaged skin so that the skin is really healthy and beautiful from the inside.

The CO2 detox mask is suitable for all skin types, so it is chosen by many customers during this "season" of pollution and disease.

Skin showing signs of premature aging (less elastic, with wrinkles, dull skin), with many dark spots and dryness

When your skin begins to show signs of aging, dullness and roughness, you should refer to the following treatments:

  • The process of implanting Nano Diamond thread: Using diamond mineral coated tips in microcrystalline form with vacuum to stimulate new skin cells.
Skin care in the age of pollution
Nano diamond thread implant procedure for skin showing signs of premature aging

This technology has the effect of activating cells, lifting facial muscles, increasing collagen production, so the facial skin will be younger, firmer and more shiny. In addition, the Diamond Nano thread implant procedure also effectively overcomes damaged skin, dull skin, dry skin, and dehydration.

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  • Salmon DNA Electrophoresis Therapy: Salmon DNA electrophoresis is a method to promote skin regeneration, helping the skin to be rejuvenated and shiny thanks to the PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) component in salmon DNA essence.
Skin care in the age of pollution
Salmon DNA Electrophoresis Therapy

This method has the effect of increasing Collagen Elastin to help skin stretch and elastic, remove dark scars, redness and bring bright and smooth skin to customers. In particular, the source of salmon DNA essence at Miss Tram is extracted naturally, so it is completely benign, suitable for sensitive skin.

+ Acne prone skin is red

Acne skin (especially hidden acne, acne) is the most obvious impact from environmental pollution and disease. With this skin problem, the dermatologists at Miss Tram will conduct an examination and give a specific route for each skin problem. Among them, the method TAcne treatment with Fractional CO2 Laser technology Combined with Oriental Medicine and esoteric herbs trusted by many customers at Miss Tram.

The latest acne treatment technology today
Results of acne treatment with CO2 Laser technology at Miss Tram

Fractional CO2 laser is a technological breakthrough in the field of recovery and treatment of acne skin - pitted scars, helping to break up acne kernels, kill bacteria, remove acne at the root quickly. In particular, the CO2 laser wavelength also helps stimulate collagen production, fill in acne scars, improve facial skin firmness and effectively reduce dark spots.

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In addition, the course is used in combination with a safe and natural skin care formula from esoteric herbal oriental medicine. This combination will support the skin to recover and regenerate in the best way from the inside out, making the skin healthy, beautiful, and smooth.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of beauty and skin care - treatment, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center confidently bring the most effective skin care treatments, helping you always have a healthy and beautiful skin in this era of pollution and disease.

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