Instructions for Squeezing Pimples, Pimples Safely At Home Results

Instructions for Squeezing Pimples, Pimples Safely At Home

In acne conditions, pustules, cystic acne Probably the type of acne that worries many women the most. Because they not only have a large "appearance" that is unsightly, but they also cause swelling, pain and easily leave serious consequences on the skin. However, with types of pustules that are mild and grow separately, if you know how to take care and squeeze acne you can still control them at home.

This paragraph, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will guide you The safest process of self-squeezing pimples and pustules at home ok

Instructions on the Process of Squeezing Pimples, Pimples Safely At Home

1. Characteristics of cystic acne, pustules

Condition of acne, pimples appear on the skin
Condition of acne, pimples appear on the skin

Nodules, pustules are a severe type of acne, they contain many caps, are often swollen, painful and quite large in size.

This type of acne has a deep acne core in the skin, so it leaves a large amount of skin damage and is more difficult to treat than normal acne. Therefore, if not properly treated, it will leave deep concave scars, severe scars on the skin.

Acne and pustules often appear in areas of the skin with active sebaceous glands such as: forehead, cheeks, chin, sides of the nose, back and chest.

The main causes of the appearance of acne are: hormonal changes, polluted environment and the use of wrong drugs, wrong skin care cosmetics. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right treatment, you also need to make sure to find the cause of your acne to have an effective remedy. (Refer to the Mistakes when squeezing acne easily leave scars You must be familiar with it).

2. Determine the state of the acne that is squeezed, not squeezed

Acne causes damage to the skin of the face
Acne causes damage to the skin of the face

Squeeze acne is the fastest way to deal with acne, but it is also very easy to have serious consequences if not done properly. In particular, cystic acne is a type of acne that is recommended not to be arbitrarily squeezed at home, because it is difficult to thoroughly remove the acne, easy to damage the skin and spread the acne area.

Many people are often annoyed by the existence of acne spots on their faces, which urges them to manually squeeze pimples to relieve that mentality. But if you want your skin to be scar-free, make sure that the acne on the skin can pop and pop the acne properly - science:

Acne conditions that can be squeezed at home: mild acne, small size, separate growth and mature acne.

Acne condition should consult a dermatologist: severe acne, large size or thick acne density on the skin, pain and swelling are still present.

3. Instructions on how to properly squeeze pimples and pustules

If you have identified an acne condition that can be squeezed at home, make sure this daily skin care process is very thorough, to help the acne kernels dry out and ripen as quickly as possible. Miss Tram would like to guide you on the safest and most scientific steps to squeeze pimples and pustules at home:

Do you know how to pop pimples at home?
Do you know how to pop pimples yourself at home?
  • Step 1: Make sure the acne is ripe

Touch the pimple with clean hands without any pain, redness or swelling, the pimple is dry and has a hard tip in the center of the pimple.

  • Step 2: Choose a tool to squeeze acne

With acne, you should use your hands and a bandage to get the most effective acne out. In addition, you need to use more medical acne needles to better support squeezing acne.

Hands and squeezing tools are the things that come into direct contact with the acne, so you need to make sure they are sterilized to avoid the risk of infection later.

With hands, you should wash with antibacterial soap. As for the medical acne needle, heat it up and disinfect it with alcohol or specialized antiseptic solutions.

  • Step 4: Cleanse skin and dilate pores

To ensure that the maximum amount of bacteria is minimized during the squeezing process, you need to clean your skin with a mild cleanser.

Then, you should steam with hot water for 3-5 minutes or use a warm towel directly on the skin. This step helps to maximize the opening of the pores so that the acne is removed most easily.

  • Step 5: Disinfect the acne area

To make sure there are no bacteria left on the acne skin, use a cotton ball soaked in medical alcohol and disinfect the area that is about to be squeezed.

  • Step 6: Carry out squeezing acne

Use a medical acne needle to gently prick the tip of the acne, this will create a small tip and help the acne to multiply better.

Use a gauze bandage wrapped around the tip of your finger to squeeze the acne to create a soft cushion and limit too much force on the acne area. Then gently press around the pimple so that the acne is completely pushed out.

If there is bleeding during the squeezing process, use a cotton ball or gauze to absorb the blood immediately. Because if the blood stains spread to other areas of the skin, it will easily cause acne to spread.

  • Step 7: Disinfect the acne area after squeezing

After finishing squeezing acne, use physiological saline to gently wipe the wound, preventing bacteria from entering immediately.

noteAbsolutely do not apply any medicine or mask right after, to avoid hindering the self-healing process of the wound.

After squeezing acne, you need to take care of your skin carefully to make sure it doesn't leave dark scars. Always ensure a balanced diet, regular activity and use of skin care and anti-blemish masks (starting from the 2nd day after squeezing acne) to quickly recover the wound.

If you follow all the steps above, your acne will be quickly removed. However, with severe acne conditions, it is best to ask for specialized acne-squeezing services to ensure the safest for your skin.

Safe acne treatment results at Miss Tram
Safe acne treatment results at Miss Tram

At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty CenterEach customer's acne condition is carefully examined by experts to provide the most specialized treatment route. In particular, acne treatment with Fractional CO2 Laser technology combined with esoteric herbal oriental medicine is the most chosen treatment by customers at Miss Tram.

With modern wavelengths and strict treatment process, acne nodules, pustules will be quickly removed safely - at the root - quickly.

CO2 Laser Technology It also helps stimulate tissue production collagenEffectively prevent the formation of pitted and deep scars after treatment. In particular, the entire treatment process uses a formula from natural herbs, ensuring the safest acne skin recovery process.

Pustules, cystic acne It is a very serious skin condition. So, if you want to take care of yourself and pop pimples at home, you need to make sure to follow the steps in the most correct and scientific way. In particular, when there is any bad progress on the skin, please consult a dermatologist. Because otherwise, the acne will leave a lot of unfortunate consequences on the skin.

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have the most beautiful healthy skin!

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