The Most Popular Spot Treatment for Scars With Microdermabrasion

The Method of Treating Pimples With Microdermabrasion

Spot microdermabrasion is considered a new breakthrough in skin care technology, helps to increase cell proliferation from the basal layer, narrow the scar margin, remove fibrous tissue to effectively fill the scar. As a result, it has a positive effect in pitted scar treatment, helping people with pitted scars have more confidence in life.

Causes of pitted scars and the safest technology to treat pitted scars
Causes of pitted scars and the safest technology to treat pitted scars

The Method of Treating Pore Scars With Super-Effective Micro-Skin Transplantation

If in the past, pitted scars always made "suffering owners" uncomfortable and self-deprecating, today, we can beat scars with modern microdermabrasion technology. This is a new cosmetic technology that is painless and highly effective for recovery. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will learn more about this technology with you, providing you with a lot of useful information.

As we all know, pitted scars are inherently very difficult scars to treat, they are born for many reasons but most are sequelae left by acne and chickenpox. The mechanism of pitted scar formation is due to the dermis layer of the skin being damaged resulting in broken skin structure, chain collagen fractures form pitting streaks on the skin surface. The longer it is left, the more difficult it is for the pitted scars to heal, so you should have a treatment method to cure this condition as soon as possible. (Refer to method Treat pitted scars with collagen highly rated nowadays).

The method of treating pitted scars with microscopic skin transplants

This is a modern technology from Korea that is applied by many major cosmetic centers around the world and effectively treats scars. The treatment mechanism of microdermabrasion technology is to break down fibrous and uneven scar tissue, and culture stem cells to stimulate the growth of new cells. This method helps to add a significant amount of collagen and elastine to make the skin more healthy. At the same time, it also helps to renew and regenerate the skin, bringing a fresh and smooth new skin.

Pitted scars cause cosmetic loss on the face
Pitted scars cause cosmetic loss on the face

This technology can be used to treat many different types of scars, including "stubborn" old pitted scars, helping to effectively regenerate pitted scar skin, making you more beautiful and confident. To put it simply, microdermabrasion involves two steps as follows:

Step 1: Using a special roller with a special ultra-thin, sharp design causes a slight trauma to the surface layer without causing any damage to the skin. When creating these "false wounds", the skin will react to enhance blood and lymph circulation, collagen bonds are strongly stimulated, creating new bonds to increase skin elasticity, expression strong skin that fills in the pits of scars.

Step 2: Direct transmission of fresh collagen to the skin to be treated so that collagen penetrates directly down to each cell. This is a natural collagen, completely safe for the body.

Treat pitted scars with microdermabrasion
The harmful effects of pitted scars caused

However, when performing this beauty method, you must choose reputable establishments, otherwise the consequences will be very unpredictable. If you choose a poor quality facility, you may face the following problems:

  • KTV's skills are still young, causing not only the expected results, but the skin is also damaged, which easily leads to infection, hematoma, connective tissue tear, blood vessel tear, etc.
  • After the needle is rolled, the skin may be red, even bleeding, and abstain from suffering.
  • More dangerously, if you use an unsafe needle, you run the risk of contracting a number of infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

In fact, microdermabrasion is not the only method to treat pitted scars, you can use a method for effective and much safer treatment that is technology. FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER.

This technology works on the principle of emitting 10.600nm wavelength pulses, selective impact, focusing directly on deep inside the skin, stimulating collagen production, promoting the growth of cells, helping to plump acne-prone skin, while improving facial skin problems, helping to firm skin, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smoother and younger-looking skin.

Treat pitted scars with microdermabrasion

When you use C02 . laser pitted scar treatment technology in Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, you also get additional therapy liệu Esoteric Oriental Medicine, which helps to accelerate the scar treatment process, bring higher efficiency, return the skin to its inherent beauty.

Today, with many advanced technologies such as microdermabrasion or Fractional CO2 Laser Laser, the treatment of pitted scars is no longer a problem too difficult. You should choose reputable units like Miss Tram to get thorough treatment of pitted scars, return you to your beautiful, smooth skin.

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