How long does the effective method of treating melasma at Miss Tram be announced?

How long does the Melasma Treatment at Miss Tram last

[Q&A] How long is the effective method of Melasma Treatment at Miss Tram?

Safe technology to treat melasma at Miss Tram
Safe technology to treat melasma at Miss Tram

AMAZING - The "unlikely" enemy of women, although it does not affect health, it affects the aesthetics of women.

Now, customers with melasma have been removed from their troubles with Laser Yag . technology - remove "stubborn" pigmentation, bring a smooth and bright face at Miss Tram.

Recently, we received a question from a customer with the content: "Does melasma treatment guarantee a lifetime without recurrence?". Miss Tram would like to answer this problem as follows: Melasma treatment technology accounts for 50% of success, post-treatment skin care will decide the remaining 50%.

Many women are subjective after having beautiful skin but "ignore" the care such as:

  • Not consciously keeping, exposed to a lot of light without shielding, not applying sunscreen.
  • Using cosmetics of unknown origin, taking drugs to avoid too much will cause melasma to return to the original position ...

So be a beautician CLEVER , and SCIENCE Strictly follow the helpful instructions from KTV to prevent melasma from recurring, long-term maintenance of youthful beauty

Some skin care tips after correct melasma treatment:

  • Use daily moisturizer: nourish & heal wounds, generate new skin cells.
  • Apply a natural mask: a mask of honey, cucumber, potato, turmeric, rice bran is very good for the skin.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen: use sunscreen with SPF > 30.
  • Scientific diet - living - sleep: eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, drink lots of water, stabilize psychologically, avoid stress, stress...

Don't hesitate, call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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