Acne Treatment With MICROPRACTIVE TECHNOLOGY combined with SECRETS Oriental Medicine Results



Effective acne treatment technology at Miss Tram
Effective acne treatment technology at Miss Tram

|Do you know?Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is one of the "golden addresses" of beauty that many people trust. Thanks to the effective treatment of skin problems with micro-shock technology, combined with the secret of esoteric Eastern medicine, the obsession with acne of many of you has disappeared.

So how effective is this home remedy in treating acne? Please join Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center to find out!


  • Fractional CO2 Laser Micro-Shock Technology is a technological breakthrough in the field of treatment and restoration of acne-scarred skin.
  • CO2 laser helps to stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill acne scars, while improving facial skin problems, helping skin firm, reduce dark spots, wrinkles, smooth and younger skin.
  • Besides, the advantages of Fractional CO2 laser are no surgery, no invasiveness, no pain, no side effects, short treatment time and high efficiency.
  • Fractional CO2 laser can be applied to both male and female clients.


  • Step 1: The specialist will conduct a skin examination and detailed consultation. Depending on the acne condition of the customer, there will be different treatment courses.
  • Step 2: Wash your face with a specialized acne cleanser at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center
  • Step 3: Exfoliating, steaming and sucking impurities
  • Step 4: Specialist to check and remove acne in accordance with medical standards
  • Step 5: Anesthesia and micro-shock Fractional CO2 Laser
  • Step 6: Apply nutrients after the laser to help soothe the skin quickly, completely without burning
  • Step 7: Expert instructions on how to take care of and use special oriental medicine suitable for different skin types
  • Step 8: You will be fully supported by the customer care department during the acne treatment process as well as using the medicine at home. In addition, we also support to schedule an appointment 10 days later for the specialist to periodically examine and treat the skin and change the corresponding medication.


  • Skin balances necessary moisture, cleans oil, tightens pores, especially in the T-zone
  • Acne hidden under the skin absorbs the drug and eliminates itself when washing the face
  • Blur bruises, reduce inflammation significantly
  • Bright skin, healthy pink and white
  • Combination of Oriental medicine herbs penetrates deep into each acne spot, helping to treat acne safely and naturally.
  • Acne bud shows signs of gathering after 1 week of using Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Concave scars improve 20-40% depending on each person
  • Safe for all skin types, short treatment time, no downtime
  • Improve oily, dark acne, help even skin tone, fade dark spots, smooth skin, white pink
  • Long-lasting effect, preventing acne from coming back

You should know that the longer acne is left, the more serious your skin condition will be. Therefore, a safe course and effective commitment after treatment at Miss Tram is very necessary. So what are you waiting for without coming to us for a free consultation and examination?

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