Effective Oily Skin Treatment For Professional Men

Effective Oily Skin Treatment For Men

Not just for women, lane oily The ball also makes "men" a headache and wants to find a way to "get rid of" them immediately. However, because the skin structure is different, the oily treatment of male requires going through many stages. In this article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center guide you how Effective treatment for oily skin for men, please refer to get more useful knowledge.

how to treat oily face for men effectively
Characteristics of oily skin in men

The Most Effective Secret To Treat Oily Face For Men

Causes of oily skin in men

  • Due to genetic factors
  • Adolescent
  • Dusty, polluted environment
  • Overactive hormones
  • Unscientific diet

Ways to get rid of oily skin

Oily skin not only makes "sufferers" uncomfortable but also creates conditions for acne brothers to develop, so oily skin treatment is essential. To get rid of the greasy condition, you can apply a few ways that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center provide the following. (How to guide face whitening for men at home The easiest).

Use a special face wash

Keeping skin clean is always a top beauty rule. Many people have a habit of only washing their face with water, this will not be able to completely clean the skin. It is best to choose the right cleanser to effectively clean the skin.

Cleansing is the basic step to control oiliness
Cleansing is the basic step to control oiliness

Expert Sally Penfor of the International Institute of Dermatology has advised people with oily skin to avoid using alkaline soaps and wash their face too often, as this will strip the skin of its protective oils, making the skin loose. water and increase oil secretion to balance this amount of water. Invisible, the wrong care will make our face more greasy and less aesthetic.

It's best to use glycerine-based cleansers specifically for oily skin, which help control oil while still providing maximum skin protection.

Avoid washing your face with warm water

Many people have the habit of washing their face with warm water or regularly sauna, but this is absolutely not good for the skin. The heat will cause the skin to dry out, lose its moisture balance and make the oil glands on the skin more active. So, use cool water to wash your face to help beautify your skin and relax your spirit. (Find out the Causes of melasma in men you must know).

Exfoliate dead skin cells

Men often pay little attention to this, but in fact, exfoliating is very necessary.

As we all know, in our body cells are renewed every day. When dead cells plus the oily layer on the face will clog pores, it will easily cause large pores, skin inflammation and acne.

Therefore, men should use specialized exfoliants to clean the skin, help open pores and support the treatment of skin problems.

oily skin care for men
Men also have to exfoliate

Use moisturizer

It sounds ridiculous, but this is completely true, because oil will secrete more if our facial skin loses the necessary moisture. When choosing a moisturizer, you should choose a cream that is suitable for your skin condition and is oil-free to use.

Don't forget sunscreen

It is a fact that men rarely use sunscreen partly because they are afraid to use it because they want to have a strong tan. However, you should know that in addition to the black or white problem, UV rays in the sun will make the skin wrinkled, create dark spots, gradually cause the risk of skin cancer. So, make it a habit to use sunscreen to protect your skin.

What should men with oily skin do?
Men also need to use sunscreen

Add an oil-absorbing mask

If your facial skin secretes too much oil, you can use a mask to absorb excess oil, help your face clear, these types of masks also help antibacterial, prevent acne effectively. (Refer to top clay mask for oily skin safest and most effective).

Go to reputable spas

If you want to treat oily skin at the root and for a long time, go to reputable spas like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to be checked, evaluated skin condition and take appropriate skin care measures. In addition to the sebum-regulating detoxification process, therapies such as micropoint activation by Laser CO2 Fractional It also has the effect of treating oily skin and improving skin problems effectively.

In addition, "men" need to limit alcohol and coffee, drink enough 2 liters of water a day, eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits and keep the body and mind comfortable.

The investigationoily skin requires perseverance as well as a suitable skin care regimen, so we should not be too hasty. If you need more information, please contact Miss Tram for experts to advise and support you.

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