Particle Touch Eyebrow Spray Method For Natural Beauty Truth

Method of Spraying Eyebrow Touch Beads For Natural Beauty

Method of Spraying Eyebrow Touch Beads For Natural Beauty

Spray eyebrows to touch seeds Brings the softest and most natural eyebrows possible. However, there are very few embroidery facilities capable of providing this service, and Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Proud to be one of them.So, what is the method of spraying eyebrows? Miss Tram will introduce you more carefully to the technology of touching beads, providing you with useful information through the article below.

Spray eyebrows touching beads at miss tram
The beautician is modeling the eyebrows

As a leader in the field of cosmetic tattoo spray, Miss Tram always tries to learn new technologies in the world, anticipate beauty trends to bring customers the best quality tattoo spray products, bring beauty to the community. In particular, particle touch technology is a new technology absorbed by Miss Tram and put into the beauty process, making eyebrow spraying more perfect.

Particle touch technology is understood as a method of creating small random particles on the eyebrows alternating with pores to create a natural feeling. This technique is applied by Miss Tram in silk spray technology that sprays super-fine powder, bringing beautiful standard eyebrows. Come to Miss Tram to own perfect eyebrows, make you more beautiful and confident.

1. The technique of spraying silk touching the grain

It is a method that uses a micro-needle tip to bring the ink under the skin in the form of a strand down towards the eyebrow. The ink color blends with the eyebrow color, the spray fiber blends into the real eyebrow, so it is difficult to recognize that this is a sprayed eyebrow. Not only that, the sprayer only gently touches the epidermis (epidermis) so it is completely painless and does not damage the skin surface.

At Miss Tram VietNam, silk eyebrow spray is also added with sophisticated beading technology, providing a soft and delicate eyebrow, much more natural than conventional eyebrow spray methods.

Beautify by the method of eyebrow spray touching beads
Spray eyebrows to touch beautiful natural seeds

2. Powder-to-powder spray technique

This is a great combination between eyebrow embroidery and powder technique to get the eyebrows that follow the lines you want, but still the softest and most realistic. Miss Tram uses many different ways of spraying eyebrows to powder, giving customers the most satisfactory eyebrows.

  • Option 1: Mix powder with water level and spray normally. Finally, you get a color massage for 15 minutes
  • Option 2:Proceed to spray the water level to 80%, then the powder will be mixed and then sprayed again. Finally, do a 15-minute color incubation massage
  • Option 3: Mix the eyebrow powder with water to make ink, then spray normally, finally rub the powder on the eyebrows and incubate the color for 10-15 minutes.

In addition, during powder spraying, KTV will randomly create mixed particles pores, giving customers the most natural eyebrows.

The result of eyebrow spray touches beautiful particles
The result of eyebrow spray touches beautiful particles

Spraying silk to touch the grain and spraying powder to touch the grain are the two most popular methods of eyebrow spraying at Miss Tram besides the advanced 2D fiber technology. The spray method has many outstanding advantages:

  • Firstly, this method uses a micro-needle, which acts on the epidermis of the skin, so it does not hurt the skin at all. After spraying, the skin does not bleed, does not hurt, does not swell and does not require any downtime.
  • Second, spray touching particles will give you soft, natural, lifelike eyebrows, "spray without spraying".
  • Third, the ink spray at Miss Tram is a high-class ink of clear origin, completely natural and safe for human health. The spraying process at Miss Tram goes through many strict steps, ensuring eyebrows up to standard and keeping color for 3-3 years.

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The method of eyebrow spray touches natural beautiful particles
The method of eyebrow spray touches natural beautiful particles

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is proud to be the leading beauty center in Vietnam, possessing many outstanding advantages that not all embroidery facilities have such as:

+ Modern spray technique

Miss Tram owns the most modern eyebrow spray technology today, giving customers the most beautiful and natural eyebrows possible. These modern technologies give the most standard color and absolutely no harm to the skin.

+ Quality inkjet

Miss Tram uses quality inks imported from abroad, so it has the ability to keep colors for 3-5 years, and is extremely safe for human health.

+ Highly skilled KTV

The KTVs at Miss Tram are all well-trained and have many years of experience in the profession, ensuring to give customers satisfactory eyebrows.

Prestigious bead spray address in HCM
Spray eyebrows to touch seeds at Miss Tram

+ Careful instructions after spraying

After spraying, you will be given specific instructions by Miss Tram's care staff on how to care for your eyebrows, to help you own a perfect eyebrow from every angle. In addition, Miss Tram also has a long-term warranty after spraying, so customers can feel secure when spraying eyebrows here.

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With beautiful criteria that must be natural, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always try our best to learn new technologies, bring customers perfect eyebrows, spread good things to the community. If you want to own a beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows by the method of spraying eyebrows with beads, Miss Tram is a great address for you.

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