Is the Needle Roll Method Really Good? You heard

Is the Needle Roll Method Really Good?

Needle roller is a beauty method to acne, pitted scars, dark spots, large pores treatment loved by most of the ladies in recent times. So is this needle rolling method really good? Let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find out the effects, the process to the results of needle rolling and some notes before performing needle rolling!

All Disabilities About Current Needle Rolling Method

1. We should roll the needle, because…

Needle roller will help you get smoother, pinker and brighter skin. In a recent study by Dr. Macrene Alexiades, when applying skin microneedling therapy, the amount of collagen and Elastin increased 400% within 1 month. In addition, microneedling helps the process of bringing anti-aging active ingredients into the skin deeper and brings more visible effects.

Coming to Ham Ninh - where is known as the oldest fishing village of Phu Quoc, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes made from Ham Ninh flower crab. Ham Ninh is also the place having the most delicious flower crabs in Phu Quoc. Although Ham Ninh crab is not too big, its meat is richly fragrant, fresh and firm. Many delicious dishes can be processed from crabs such as steamed crabs, stir-fried crabs, fried tamarind crab, spicy and sour crab hotpot … needle roller methodThis is a therapeutic measure that creates microscopic lesions based on the body's self-healing mechanism to remove old dead skin cells and produce new cells. The needle rolling method uses a plastic roller with nearly 200 very sharp needles (about 0.07mm) from 0,2 to 0.5 mm long made of medical stainless steel. After the needle roller procedure, the skin will recover very quickly and be much more beautiful because the layer of dead cells has been pushed away and replaced with a new layer of skin.

Is the needle rolling method painful?
Needle roller: the most appreciated beauty method today

Because the mechanism is a physical impact on the skin, more or less we still feel pain when rolling the needle. After the needle roller, your skin will be damaged in severity depending on the rolling technique and the treatment purpose. Normally, the skin will be red in the first 24 - 48 hours after the needle roller. Depending on the location of each person, the number of times to perform needle rollers varies from 2-3 times, each time from 6 to 8 weeks apart. Unlike other methods that are limited to the face, microneedling can be applied to all parts of the body (neck, arms, legs, etc.).

There are 3 types of needle roller:

  • Stem cell needle roller: helps to whiten, treat melasma (Medict Roller), rejuvenate and tighten pores, treat pitted scars.
  • Needle Whitening: Whitening, rejuvenation, melasma roller.
  • Recombinant cell complex factor: Treat pitting, tighten pores.

2. The skin types absolutely must not roll needles

  • The skin is too thin, the blue veins are too prominent, the capillaries are visible (these skin types are infected with corticosteroids).
  • The skin is inflamed (due to large inflammatory acne or due to allergies).
  • Skin is too sensitive and lacks collagen.
  • The skin is deeply pigmented and the horny layer is too thick.
  • Patients with an allergy to rolling aids or a balm allergy.
  • Absolutely do not roll for skin with inflammatory acne, pustules, acne.
Is the needle rolling method effective?
Needle roller helps whiten, smooth skin

3. Why do needle rollers treat acne, scars, dark spots or acne, dark spots?

Although needle roller can help us improve the skin with pitted scars, acne hidden under the skin, but many cases of applying needle roller will cause skin irritation, a more severe condition. (Find out the reasons you should supplement collagen after needle roller for youthful, smooth skin).

According to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, the cause of the needle roller is acne, bruises due to:

  • Do not treat acne-free skin before performing a needle roller

Normally, skin with inflammatory acne (pustules, cystic acne) should absolutely not be rolled because the condition of the skin before the needle roller is very important. Because needle roller only works to treat scars, lighten the skin, not treat acne. Your skin still has acne, especially inflammatory acne also makes the skin infected, acne will spread all over the face.

  • Do not protect the skin carefully after rolling the needle

After performing the needle roller procedure, you should follow the doctor's advice such as limiting sun exposure, not wearing makeup, not using high pH cleansers and avoiding exposure to heat such as cooking. eat, steam, take a hot bath, etc.

  • Do not abstain from eating

It is equally important to abstain from the diet after the needle is rolled. Follow your doctor's instructions to get the desired results.

  • Choose the wrong cosmetic facility to perform needle rollers

Maybe the facility you choose to perform non-dermatoscopy, acne treatment, non-medical needle roller tools, multiple-use needles for many people, etc., so the risk of skin allergies is very high. .

  • Needle rollers do not meet medical standards

The use of needle rollers is not guaranteed, the needles are too big and not sharp, causing severe damage to the skin epidermis, easy to cause infection.

How much does the needle roller method cost?

In fact, the method of beautifying the skin, Treatment of pitted scars by needle roller very good. However, at present, it is shown that not all establishments follow the correct procedures and use hygienic and standard tools. There have been many cases of infections, causing damaged skin and more serious acne, scarring, aging, and even facial skin damage. Therefore, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center advises you to find out and choose for yourself a reputable - quality - safe cosmetology place to avoid "money loss".

So Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center helped answer the question:Is needle roller good??” With more than 10 years of experience in the cosmetology industry, we always satisfy customers from the quality of service to the results brought after needle roller. So, what are you waiting for, don't pick up the phone and call the Hotline: 1900 7018 for a free consultation!

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