Is Needle Rolling Out of Melasma? Open your eyes

Is Needle Rolling Out of Melasma?

Treatment of melasma is it possible to finish? Needle rolling method What is the effect in the treatment of melasma? The following article of Miss Tram will help you find the answer!

Many needle roller facilities advertise that this beauty method can treat melasma at the root and prevent melasma from returning effectively. So, are the results as advertised? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find the answer with you right here.

Melasma on the face and the method of needle rolling to treat melasma
Melasma on the face and the method of needle rolling to treat melasma

Safe, Effective Melasma Treatment With Needle Rolling Method

Needle roller is a beauty method that has blossomed in recent years, introduced as effective in beautifying the skin, treating pitted scars, aging and even melasma. The KTV will use a needle with hundreds of small needles 0,07 mm in diameter, 0,2 to 3 mm long to move on the skin. The small needles will penetrate the skin deep enough about 2-3 mm to stimulate collagen and elastin production effectively.

In theory, this is a beauty treatment that brings great results. But reality can sometimes not be so "sparkling". (Refer to the Things to know about melasma and the safest and most effective way to treat melasma).

Does needle roller really work as expected?

Method of rolling needles to treat melasma
Method of rolling needles to treat melasma

If asked, is needle roller beneficial? then the answer Miss Tram for you is YES. Needle roller will help regenerate the skin from the inside, smooth the skin, support the recovery of scar lesions and fade pigmentation. However, the method of needle roller can only remove melasma on the surface, cannot affect the melasma deep under the skin. Therefore, it is not possible to cure melasma completely.

Correctly understood, these tiny needles will penetrate the skin and cause small wounds to the skin. So the consequences they cause can be extremely serious. If the needle is not of good quality, the size is not suitable, the person who rolls the needle has poor skills as well as combined with nutrients of unknown origin, the consequences will be very heavy.

  • The first is the needle roller that damages the skin. Mild is just a painful scratch, worse is an infection.
  • Second, if the equipment is not secure, you are at risk of transmitting infectious diseases, even HIV.
  • Third, needle rolling easily leads to infection, hematoma, connective tissue tear, blood vessel tear, darkening of the skin after rolling.
  • Fourth, using poor quality nutrients can easily cause skin allergies, affect the skin and harm the health of the user.

Therefore, if you intend to roll needles, you must definitely find a reputable and quality facility. (How to guide dark spots after birth trị the most standard recommended by many beauty experts).

Don't "misuse" your skin

Needle roller has all melasma
Bright, smooth facial skin now with needle rolling method

Beating melasma by all means is the wish of the unfortunate "sufferers" with melasma. But you should not be too hasty to choose a less effective but risky method like needle rolling. Instead, we should choose melasma treatment methods that bring high results and are safe for the skin such as using modern laser melasma technology.

YAG laser melasma treatment technology is a modern German technology capable of intensive treatment, removing melasma at the root without leaving any side effects on the skin. YAG laser uses 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths to work deep inside the skin, removing melanin pigment, so it has an extremely effective melasma treatment effect. Not only that, blue light also stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, increasing production collagen makes skin white, smooth, fresh and rosy.

Whether it is melasma caused by the effects of UVA and UVB rays in the sun, melasma due to aging, hormonal or damaged skin, YAG will also effectively overcome and return your smooth skin. . YAG also helps prevent melasma from returning, giving your skin a youthful and smooth appearance that is rare with any beauty treatment technology.

Needle roller has all melasma
Effectively fly away melasma thanks to the needle rolling method

However, because this is a relatively new technology, not all beauty centers are capable of providing this service. Only a few centers like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is having enough machines, technology as well as skilled KTVs to perform screenings YAG laser laser. You can contact Miss Tram for more specific advice. (How to guide choose melasma cream safety you definitely have to know).

Through the information above, you must have found yourself the answer about melasma roller. Changing a small benefit to receive a lot of risk is really a "business" too dangerous, be a sober and smart customer when choosing a beauty method for yourself, avoid losing the rest of your money. bring more disability.

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