What Should Men Do With Deep Lips? Inspiration

What Should Men Do With Deep Lips?

Due to frequent use of many stimulants and little care and careful lip care, most men will suffer from dark lips. This is also a very common thing. However, with the needs of today's modern life, dark lips will greatly affect the aesthetics as well as lose the confidence of men. So what to do to get rid of this situation as quickly as possible? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Causes of dark lips in men

Causes of dark lips in men
Men's lips are dark
  • Sunshine: This is the leading cause of dark lips in men. Because the impact of sunlight and UV rays is very strong, it promotes the production of melanin pigment, making the lips dry, rough, easy to crack and become bruised.
  • Anemia, lack of pigment: The lack of blood in the body, lack of vitamins and essential nutrients also makes the lips unable to grow healthy and become dark.
  • Cigarette: In cigarettes contains nicotine - this is a substance that not only affects health but also darkens lips when used for a long time.
how to treat dark lips for men
Smoking a lot makes men's lips dark
  • Stimulant: Alcohol and caffeinated beverages are the cause of discolored lips and teeth.
  • Habit of licking lips, biting lips too much: Biting and licking the lips is a very bad habit that causes the lips to lose their natural moisture, making them prone to chapped, dry lips and gradually bruised.
  • No care, lip balm: Men often do not pay much attention to daily care and lip care, which causes lip cells to not be provided with adequate nutrients to develop - this is the cause of "sustainable" dark lips.
  • Lack of water in the body: When the body is dehydrated, one of the first manifestations is dry lips – this is The reason why lips are getting darker.

Summary of methods to treat dark lips for men

1. How to treat dark lips with natural methods

Men are often not "diligence" and "patience" to implement methods with complicated formulas. Therefore, Miss Tram would like to introduce simple but extremely effective lip balm and treatment ingredients in improving pigmentation on the lips:

+ Treat dark lips with lemon

Lemon is always at the top of the list of effective skin lightening and darkening treatments. For the lip area, too, lemon helps to remove dark spots and improve lip color quickly.

Dark lips treatment in men
Treat dark lips with lemon

How to do it is simple:

  • Step 1: Cut a lemon and squeeze out the juice.
  • Step 2: Massage your lips with lemon juice for a few minutes.
  • Step 3: Rinse your lips with warm water.

+ Treat dark lips with honey

Honey is one of the ingredients to beautify the skin and lip moisturizer effective. The acid in lemon will have a mild bleaching effect, helping to remove pigmentation and improve lip color quickly. Combining these two ingredients will form an effective lip balm, darkening treatment.

Treat dark lips for men with honey
Treat dark lips with honey


  • Step 1: Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Step 2: Massage the mixture onto your lips for 3 minutes.
  • Step 3: Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash your lips with warm water.

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+ Exfoliate with coconut oil, honey and brown sugar

In addition to daily lip care, you should exfoliate twice a week. This lip care step not only removes the outer layer of dead skin, promotes new skin cell growth, but also helps the lip balm process to be more effective.

how to thin lips for men
Exfoliate your lips with coconut oil, honey and brown sugar đường

As you know, coconut oil and honey are highly antibacterial and are also a great natural moisturizer. Combined with sugar, it will form a paste that not only helps exfoliate but also helps smooth lips.


  • Step 1: Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of raw honey.
  • Step 2: Add brown sugar until the mixture is smooth.
  • Step 3: Apply the mixture on your lips, massage your lips for about 3 minutes.
  • Step 4: Wash your lips with warm water.

**Note, After exfoliating or using the dark maskYou should properly moisturize your lips so that your lips do not dry out. In particular, these methods will make the lip skin thinner and easy to catch the sun, so you need to cover your lips carefully when going out.

2. Use lip balm

Dark lips treatment in men
Use lip balm for Men

In addition to using natural ingredients to nourish lips - treat dark spots, men should use lip balms to nourish their lips every day. There are a lot of colorless lip balms on the market with high sun protection - you should choose to buy these products to both nourish your lips and prevent the bad effects of the sun effectively.

4. The most effective method: Cosmetic tattooing for lips

Dark lips treatment in men
Results of natural lip injection for Men at Miss Tram

Cosmetic tattoo spray lip This is a lip beautifying method used by many women, because this is a way to bring long-lasting fresh lips without using lipstick anymore. In addition, this method also effectively removes defects on the lips such as dark lips, lips that are too thick, too thin, and asymmetrical lip lines.

For many men, lip spray is also not a strange beauty method. Because with modern technology, there are many methods of spraying lips naturally, evenly colored and perfectly suitable for men.

Meeting the beauty needs of men, Miss Tram VietNam successfully transferred the technique of natural micro-touch crystal lip spray to Men, and so far has brought satisfaction to hundreds of customers.

Lip spray results for beautiful men
Lip spray results for men

Micro-touch crystal lip spray is the latest Korean technology, using modern equipment to absorb deep and then spray crystal ink to help men's lips completely darken and color in the most natural. In particular, before the lip spray process, experts will examine and listen to the needs of customers to choose the most suitable lip color and lip contouring method.

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With modern tattoo spray technology and a team of experienced technicians, Miss Tram is proud to be one of the most prestigious and quality natural lip spray addresses for men in Ho Chi Minh City.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center on methods to overcome dark lips in men. With natural methods, you need to be persistent for a long time and besides, you need to protect your lips against the bad effects of the environment. As for the lip spray method, you need to choose reputable facilities to get the most natural results after spraying. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have the most natural and manly pink lips!

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