Does Lip Tattooing Affect The Couple's "Love Story" No Blog

Does Lip Tattooing Affect The Couple's "Love Story"


Does Lip Tattooing Affect The Couple's "Love Story" No Blog

When I received a question that I didn't know how everyone was, with Miss Tram, it was like "the most valuable question of the year". Too practical, right people.

And Miss Tram answered the above question as follows:

– Affects “sex” as well as many other things related to strong lip contact in the first week after work or miles (The time part can be increased or decreased, depending on the condition of the lips). your lips), because at this time your lips are still sensitive.
- Lips don't lose sensation, so don't worry when kissing doesn't feel. This is a technology to treat darkening and natural lip color with micro-touch technique, completely without damage or invasive, so people imagine just gliding on the lip surface. Rest assured.
– Having an influence on “sex” when the lips peel off and are very beautiful, shimmering, seductive, if you want to kiss, both that person is happy but you are also confident=> happy already.

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And finally, Miss Tram doesn't just want to talk about it alone, but also to the safety issue when you choose a reputable unit to do it: avoid poor quality ink, skilled technicians are still vulnerable. hurt your lips.

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