Does Lip Tattoo Loss Sensation When Kissing No Details

Does Lip Tattoo Loss Feeling When Kissing

Does Lip Tattoo Loss Feeling When Kissing?


Hello Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, I have a delicate question that I want to ask, "Does spraying lips lose feeling when kissing?" I heard people say breast augmentation is about losing feeling, so I am also worried about whether spraying my lips will have any effect?". Hope Miss Tram can answer for you. I thank you!

(Quynh Anh – District 1)

Does lip tattooing lose feeling when kissing?


Hello Quynh Anh, thank you for taking the time to send a question about Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. Quynh Anh's question is very practical and interesting, so Miss Tram immediately added to the question section when beautifying lips for everyone to refer to!

In fact, spraying your lips on it doesn't affect the feeling when you kiss! This is a technology to treat darkening and natural lip color with micro-touch technique, completely non-injurious or invasive so you can rest assured.

Lip spray is a form of glide on the surface of the lips, not only bringing bright and natural colors to the lips but also making you a lot more confident. For those of you with dark lips, this form will help your lips become naturally pink, making you look more beautiful and no longer have to worry about losing lipstick color when kissing?

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Learn the 3 most typical lip spray techniques at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center:

Method 1: Spraying lips with Korean technology Crystal

Does Lip Tattoo Loss Sensation When Kissing No Details


  • Lip color up in nature, keep the color quite stable
  • The lip shape is balanced in harmony with the face gently
  • The cost is quite low, suitable for the pocket
  • The perfect choice for men who love the natural. The chosen lip color will be a natural light tone, mainly so that the lips are not pale or dark, not as dark as the female lip tone.


  • Spraying crystal lips will be a bit dry and the lip color is not smooth, especially for those with wrinkled, or dry lips, after spraying crystal lips, you must regularly condition or apply vaseline to moisten the lips.

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Method 2: Collagen lip spray – Stem cell lip spray

Does Lip Tattoo Loss Sensation When Kissing No Details


  • Collagen lip spray is a combination of crystal lip spray technology and natural collagen essence to bring Collagen essence into the lips, helping you to own smooth, soft lips.
  • For those of you who have undergone many times of making or bleeding chapped lips, aging lips that need to be regenerated new lip skin, stem cell lip spray is the solution for you. Stem cell lip injection is the process of adding stem cells into the ink, helping to keep the skin of the lips fresh, enhancing the elasticity so that the lips are standard, more youthful.
  • Low cost, suitable for young people who are still studying and working.

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Method 3: Spray the Queen's Lips

Does Lip Tattoo Loss Sensation When Kissing No Details


  • The Queen's lip spray is used with 100% organic ink from natural herbs, completely free of chemicals or metals harmful to health.
  • The color fastness of the Queen's lip spray is up to 5-10 years, known as the super-sticky micro-touch lip spray method. Satisfying the desire to have natural lip color, painless, durable and safe for demanding customers.
  • Queen's lip spray care policy: With Queen's lip spray at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, you will be supported to change the color as you like for 2 years 100% FREE unlimited number of times.
  • Lip color is smooth, luxurious, youthful and natural.


  • The cost is quite high ranging from 5.000.000đ - 8.000.000đ but also many women choose because of the ink quality and beauty that this technology brings.

In short, after spraying lips, your lips will look more perfect, full of life and more attractive. So, choose wisely for yourself a safe and reputable beauty address to own rosy, naturally beautiful lips!

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