Spray Embroidery Eyebrow How Long Faith Keeps

How Long Does Eyebrow Embroidery Last

Eyebrow embroidery How long to keep is the question of many women when choosing this beauty method. Experts at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center We will help you answer this question! 

How long does eyebrow embroidery last?
The process of eyebrow embroidery at Miss Tram

Eyebrow embroidery is a very popular beauty trend today. This method helps your face become elegant and beautiful without having to spend time drawing eyebrows. However, many people are still skeptical about the naturalness and color retention of this beauty technology.

How Long Does Eyebrow Embroidery Spray Last?

There are many different opinions about the color retention time of eyebrow spray, some people keep the color for 1 year, some people 2 years, but some people keep the color for up to 5 years. Why is there such a big difference? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Answer your questions about this issue as follows.

First, to understand the problem, you need to know what the essence of eyebrow embroidery is. Eyebrow spray is the use of micro-needles that act on the epidermis of the skin to put a quantity of colorant (ink spray) under the skin under the stripe shape of real eyebrows. The fake eyebrows alternating with real eyebrows will help you own the most beautiful and natural eyebrows possible.

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Color Lasting Time Effect

Eyebrow spray method

Not one but many different eyebrow spray methods, each method has a different durability. For example, if you choose the method eyebrow powder spray will bring more natural and elegant, however, eyebrow powder incubation will not be as durable as other embroidery methods.

Ink quality

Ink quality not only affects the health of customers but also determines the durability of the eyebrows after spraying. If using quality inks like at Miss Tram, clearly originating from Korea, Germany, Japan, and the US, it will give 3-5 years of color fastness. In addition, inkjet ink also depends on the color mixing level of professional KTV. If you mix the color of the frame in the right proportion, the color will fade sooner.

Spray technique

Spray technique is one of the important factors determining the aesthetics, safety and color fastness when spraying eyebrows. When going to the needle, the force must be even, if you go too fast, when you finish spraying, the color will be pale or no color. At the same time, the depth of the needle must also be appropriate, because the color of the eyebrow will not be as desired when the needle is too shallow or too deep. In addition, the needle speed must also be uniform, otherwise the ink color will not be standard and easy to fade. (Refer Standard eyebrow tattooing process applied by leading prestigious spas).

Prestigious eyebrow embroidery spa in HCMC
Eyebrow embroidery requires a highly skilled and experienced KTV

Every person's body

The location of each person is also a factor that determines the color fastness of the ink. That's why 2 people spray the same method, use the same ink color at the same facility, but the color fastness of the eyebrows is different. This is an inborn factor and you cannot interfere with this problem.

Process Take care of your eyebrows after spraying

Proper care after spraying will help the eyebrow color be more beautiful and more durable. Miss Tram guides you in some ways to take care of your embroidery eyebrows as follows:

  • For 5 days after spraying, keep your eyebrows dry, limit contact with water and stay away from cosmetics. In addition, keep your eyebrows clean, avoiding dust and pollution.
  • When your eyebrows show signs of peeling, you absolutely must not use your hands to peel the skin of your eyebrows. The impact on the eyebrows not only makes the eyebrows difficult to color but also can cause a very dangerous infection.
  • Within 1 month after spraying, please abstain from eating beef, glutinous rice, water spinach to avoid swelling and pain in the spray area.
  • In addition, you should also practice healthy eating habits, drink plenty of water, eat green vegetables, fruits and healthy foods.
How to care for eyebrows after spraying embroidery
App measuring eyebrow embroidery standard golden ratio face

The best way to make your eyebrows last longer is to spray and embroider your eyebrows at reputable embroidery spraying facilities like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. Miss Tram with modern tattoo spraying technologies in the world, using safe natural ink and a team of skilled KTV will give you a beautiful standard eyebrow, no harm to health and color retention. good. We are committed to keeping the eyebrow color from 3 to 5 years, so customers can rest assured to beautify here.

come Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center To own a beautiful eyebrow, help your face become elegant, not harmful to health but ensure high color fastness.

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