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What is the difference between Lip Spray and Lip Tattoo?

Currently, there are many beauty techniques for lips and most women know it lip spray , and Lip tattoo. But there are many of you who confuse these two methods when thinking that they are the same. So how is lip spray and lip tattoo different? Post by Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you gain more knowledge about the lip aesthetic method from there, make the right choice for you.

Compare Lip Spray and Lip Tattoo What's the difference

1. What's the difference between lip spray and lip tattoo?

In today's development era, cosmetic tattoo spray forms are becoming more and more advanced and modern. Not only helps women have natural lips, beautiful lip color as desired, but also has the ability to edit lip shape to suit the face. But many women wonder when they cannot distinguish these two methods to choose the right form for them.

In fact, the method of lip spray and lip tattoo spray is basically quite similar, the biggest difference is the depth of impact on the skin epidermis during implementation.

How is lip tattoo spray different?
Spraying lips is painless, does not bleed and keeps the lips natural

Lip injection is a modern technique using a tattoo sprayer with a micro-needle tip, when the needle is applied, the impact force will touch the lips with a depth of not more than 0,2 mm, inside with an ink bulb to gently spray the tattoo. to the lips. The color speed of the needle is extremely fast, the ink color is used depending on the lip color and skin color of each person, so that it is most suitable for the face. After spraying, the lips will be fresher with a certain softness.

In particular, this method is painless, does not bleed and does not require any downtime after spraying. Once done, you can eat normally and get back to work right away. Results can last from 3-5 years depending on the body of each person.

And lip tattooing is a traditional lip beauty technique. The specialist will use the needle to pierce the horny layer, then apply the tattoo ink evenly or dip the needle into the ink first and then roll it onto the skin. After tattooing the lips, the color will be darker and will fade over time. The tattoo ink is not natural, the lip border is much darker, when looking at it, it is easy to detect cosmetic traces that make you lack confidence.

2. Which method is better for your lips?

Honestly, both lip spray and lip tattoo have the ability to give a new look to your lips. However, with the differences that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared above, you should choose to spray your lips to get fuller, more even and safer lips.

Lip injection is increasingly improved with the introduction of a series of modern technologies and techniques. The lip spray techniques that many women choose today are Collagen lip spray, crystal lip spray, sooty lip spray... These are all technologies from Korea and Europe that have the ability to beautify aesthetics in the most natural direction.

Beautiful lip spray results at Miss Tram
Beautiful lip spray results at Miss Tram

These technologies also help regenerate and restore the skin around the lips, making the lips more youthful and full of life when adding nourishing essences from deep inside to the lips. The technique not only meets a fresh lip color for women, but also creates a smooth glossy effect, helping the lips become more plump. In addition, modern lip spray will help minimize the dryness of lips caused by old tattoo spray or long-term use of lead-rich lipstick. (How to guide lip care after spraying standard, safest).

If you want to learn more about this technology or need to answer questions about the difference between lip tattoo and lip spray, please come directly. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center or call the hotline: 1900 7018 For consultation, schedule a visit and answer all your questions!

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