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Spray Crystal Lips – Understand Why Right

Things To Know About Crystal Lip Spray Method

Spray crystal lips has become a beauty method that is very favored by women, because it helps women have a sexy lips without spending much time on make-up. So, how is crystal lip spray different from conventional lip spray methods? Please refer to the sharing from the beauty experts of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

Lipstick - More harm than good

You know, it is estimated that each woman uses about 4,5kg of lipstick in her lifetime. And this number is even many times higher for those who have to wear makeup regularly. It is not known how continuous lipstick exposure will affect the body, but a study in the US when studying famous lipstick brands showed that 61% of tested lipsticks contained lead. , of which one-third had lead levels exceeding the FDA standard (1 parts per million) for ingestible products.

The harmful effects of lipstick
Lipstick - More harm than good

Peter Dingle, an expert on the poison of Perth-based Murdoch University has called for a ban on lead-containing cosmetics to protect consumers' health because lead is toxic, can cause behavioral and cognitive disorders when used in high concentrations.

Besides, always carrying lipstick will be very inconvenient, because all activities of eating, drinking, talking, laughing will wash away the lipstick. Not only that, sticking lipstick on your teeth or smearing lipstick also makes you fall into "bad crying and laughing" situations.

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Spray crystal lips and modern women

crystal lip spray method
The method of spraying crystal lips is very popular

To solve all the above troubles, many women have chosen lip spray technology as their savior. Inside, crystal lip spray very popular.

This is a new lip spray technology, which helps to color standard and effectively fix dark lips. Not only that, crystal lip spray can also help you shape your lips, make your lip lines more clear and improve your lip defects, giving you a fresh, soft and suitable lips. face.

This lip spray technology is popular because after spraying, the lips look very natural, not dark like traditional lip spray, so not only girls but men are also extremely suitable for this beauty technology. .

The lip spray is also carried out according to a certain process, without pain, without swelling of the lips, without hurting the lips and without taking much time to recover. After spraying, you will own a beautiful, youthful and smooth lips. However, to do that, you must choose a reputable lip spray service. Only in this way can we meet the criteria of safety, ink quality and especially the skill of the operator. Explore more collagen lip spray method - lip spray technology brings high efficiency.

Spray crystal lips at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

This is a gentle invasive technique with a micro-injector, only lightly touching the epidermis of the lips, so there is absolutely no burning sensation during the procedure and no swelling after spraying. After intensive treatment, the technicians will spray crystal ink color on the lips, giving customers the most youthful and natural lip color.

Beautiful lip spray results
Beautiful lip spray results

Miss Tram is one of the prestigious crystal lip spray facilities, possessing modern technology and a team of experienced technicians. At Miss Tram, before performing, they all undergo a careful instrument handling process, the correct anesthetic process, the correct technique and the specified time. In the case of thin or too thick lips, sharp, skewed or dark lips, Miss Tram will have a plan to handle it properly, giving you a beautiful lip, suitable for the overall face.

Lip spray at Miss Tram possesses many outstanding advantages that not all establishments have:

  • Experts at Miss Tram directly examine and evaluate the actual condition of the lips, then advise the best method for customers
  • You will be fully informed about the technology, the results after spraying as well as the signs during and after lip spray
  • Experienced, skilled professionals will undertake lip injections, committed to safety and perfect results for the lips.
  • Customers will be able to test the tools before and during the process of making their own
  • International standard inkjet ink, standard color and long durability
Prestigious crystal lip spray address
Prestigious crystal lip spray address in Ho Chi Minh

In less than 45 minutes, you will be able to own the lips you have always wanted, no longer afraid of a pale face, depending on lipstick or the harmful effects that lipstick brings. This is an effective beauty method that is very popular with women. Not only that, spray crystal lips at Miss Tram It is also chosen by many men to "tweak" their appearance, helping them to be more organized and attractive.

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For more complete advice on crystal lip injection technology, you can contact Miss Tram at the following address. Experts are always ready to listen and support you.

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