What should I abstain from eating lip tattoo to get a noticeable beautiful color

What should I abstain from eating to get a beautiful color

Although lip spray can help you realign the shape, give the lips a fresh and smooth color, but the perfection in each person depends on the method. lip care after spraying. And among the advice of the beauty center, you are often advised to follow the right diet to make your lips color standard. However, do we have to abstain from eating and drinking after spraying our lips?

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Spray Lips What Should You Avoid To Get Beautiful Color

What is the essence of lip spray?

Lip injection is a technique of using a sprayer with a specialized micro-needle head, going with a needle at a rhythmic speed, slowly on the epidermis (depth of no more than 0,2mm) to spray ink gently on the lips. This is a modern, completely non-invasive technology that causes damage to the lips. Lip injection is increasingly improved, and widely applied in major centers is the micro-touch lip spray technology with the needle tip turning to micro-point, promoting the epidermis, creating perfect adhesion for the ink color. .

Spray lips should abstain from eating
Beautiful lip spray color

Today, lip spray has many different techniques (crystal lip spray, collagen lip spray, lip gloss spray, ...), each method has certain advantages, but in general can help you solve the conditions of dark lips, dull lips, dry lips lacking vitality or not clearly defined. clear.

The spray process will create a layer of ink according to the size and shape of the pre-defined lip shape. Compared with traditional tattooing, after being done, the lips have a natural beauty, minimizing swelling, pain or bleeding. However, after making the lips, this coating will dry, and then slowly peel off. This is a normal phenomenon that occurs in any tattoo technology, so you do not need to worry. After this outer layer is peeled off, the lips will have the most natural beauty and the faster the peeling time, the fresher and more glossy the lips will be.

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Is lip spray necessary for a diet?

Spray lips should abstain from eating
After lip spray, what to eat and what to abstain?

Helping the lips to shine quickly, to have a fresh color requires meeting the following factors well:

  • The needle-walking technique of the performer must be very evenly hand-aligned, with appropriate shallow and deep alignment so that the ink is evenly absorbed, avoiding bleeding or bruising.
  • Quality inkjet ink
  • Proper lip care regimen after spraying

Regarding the first two factors, if you want to make sure it's good, you must choose reputable places that meet the equipment and skills of the performers. This is not only good for aesthetics but also helps you feel more secure about safety. As for the lip care regimen after the implementation is quite simple, as long as you pay attention to the following basic instructions, you will quickly own the lips you want:

  • Clean lips daily, do not touch your lips with your hands
  • Apply Vaseline or specialized lotions according to the instructions of the specialist
  • Let the lips peel off naturally, avoid peeling because it can cause the lips to lose color or be damaged
Spray lips should abstain from eating to make the lips beautiful color
Spray lips should abstain from eating to make the lips beautiful color

As for the diet, you do not need to be excessively abstinent because today's modern lip spray technology does not cause damage, so it does not affect any health problems. However, if you have a sensitive body, you can also abstain from erection foods (chicken, beef, water spinach, ...) in the first few days. After the lip is done, we can eat and drink comfortably.

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In addition to the above tips, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center There is also a little trick to help the lips to have a fresh, beautiful color that doesn't need to be adjusted. In addition to a scientific diet, drinking lots of water, you can add vitamin-rich fruits such as watermelon, pineapple. In particular, in the first few days of making lips and during the time after that, you should limit eating foods containing dark colors (soy sauce, food coloring) because it can more or less affect the color of your lips.

Hope some share on here of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center helped you answer questions about lip care after spraying. In addition, when you need more specific advice on modern lip spray technologies, contact Miss Tram, experts are always ready to advise and help you choose the most suitable and natural beauty method. .

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