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Lip Spray – How to Choose the Perfect Lip Color

Nowadays, lip spray has become a beauty trend that is well received and loved by many people, because the method allows you to choose the lip color you want, keeping your lips fresh and radiant. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right lip color for them. Please refer to some advice from the experts of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for more experience before deciding to refresh your lips.

Lip Spray - The secret to choosing the hottest, standard lip color today

The secret to choosing the right lip color

The secret to choosing a beautiful lip color
Beautiful lip colors

When you come Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center lip spray, estheticians will advise you specifically and help you choose the spray method, lip shape as well as lip color suitable for your face, helping you to become as beautiful as possible. There are many factors that affect the choice of lip color, but the most important is still harmony with skin color, age and lip condition.

Choose lip color according to skin color

Each skin color will match a certain lip color, so do not ignore this factor.

The secret to choosing the right lip color
Lip color must match the skin
  • If you are lucky enough to have a pinkish-white skin, you can use any ink color that you love and feel that this color suits you best.
  • If your skin is slightly blue, you should choose red tones to help your face become rosy and full of life.
  • If your skin is dark, don't worry, brown or berry, red wine, crimson will be one of the choices for you.
  • As for dark-skinned people, you should choose red, maybe orange-red or medium-red to highlight your face.
  • In case you have golden brown skin, choose pink, coral, brown, red to help you be more confident and active.

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Choose lip color by age

Lip Spray – How to Choose a Safe Lip Color
Lip color should be age appropriate
  • If you are in your twenties, choose youthful and fresh colors such as pink, light pink, lotus pink, coral, orange pink, combined with sooty lip spray, bringing dynamism and naturalness. believable and irresistibly sexy.
  • If you are in your 30s, colors such as wine red, sepia, cockroach wings, orange, etc. will add great tenderness and charm. You can choose to spray the queen's lips to bring out a plump lips, attracting all eyes.
  • If over 40, choose light colors, add stem cell essence or collagen to regenerate and nourish lips from deep inside.
  • Also, if you are a man, choose crystal ebony with very light colors, as this method gives a completely natural look, it is difficult to detect that you have ever sprayed your lips.

How to get the lips to the right color chosen?

Choosing lip color is difficult, how to get the lips to the right color is even more difficult. If you want to apply the right color on your lips, the lip spray facility must meet the following requirements:

The secret to choosing the right lip color
Lip care to standard color

First of all, if you want your lips to have a beautiful color, you need to treat them thoroughly. Baby pink can be used to properly treat dark spots, improving the effectiveness of lip spray. Next, the lip spray must follow a certain processing process to ensure that the lips are beautifully colored.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the skill of the technician, because if the technician goes on the wrong path, too fast or too strong, the needle angle is not correct, it will affect the quality of the lip color, even can make dark lips become dark or seriously hurt lips.

Next is the quality of the ink color. Currently, not all facilities can afford to use quality and completely natural Korean imported ink, safe for users. Because if you use poor quality ink, the color will be difficult to like, these inks also cause allergies, or affect the health of the user. In addition, to ensure fast lip spray on the standard color and durability for more than 3 years, you can refer to the article Do's and Don'ts after lip spray.

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Hope some share on here of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center helped you gain more experience in choosing the best spray lip color for you. In addition, if you are intending to spray your lips, come and experience the quality service at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. Believe that, with the full convergence of mind - talent factors and leading advanced technology in the world, Miss Tram will bring you the best things.

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