How long does it take to spray lips?

How long does lip spray keep the color?

can speak lip spray It is one of the popular trends among young people today. Lip spray not only makes your lips naturally beautiful color anytime, anywhere, but also makes your lips more sexy. How long does the lip spray keep the color or is the lip spray durable is something that most women often ask before deciding whether to go or not?

The Secret of Spraying Lips to Keep the Color Lasting Longest at Miss Tram

Lip spray - a new cosmetic method for plumper lips

lip spray to keep the color long lasting
New lip spray method for plumper lips

Lip injection is considered as one of the new advanced breakthroughs in the cosmetology industry that many women are interested in. In addition to helping your dull, lifeless lips have a beautiful natural color anytime, anywhere, but also helps create attractive round lip lines or overcome other defects on the lips such as deviated lips, dark lips. or lip contour is not clear.

Currently, grasping the desire to have a plump, rosy lips of many women, many cosmetic hospitals and beauty salons invest in branding in this field. With the development of modern technology,More and more lip spray techniques are born. Present, Lip spray has many different forms such as: crystal lip spray, sooty lip spray, Baby pink lip spray, Collagen lip spray, 3D lip spray, etc. Regardless of the method, what we need to care about is whether the lip spray color is easy to fade or not?

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How long does lip spray keep the color?

And for the most part, lip spray will keep the color for 2-3 years depending on the location of each person. To maintain the durability of the lips depends on many other factors. Here are some of the factors that most affect the durability of lip color after spraying.

+ Lip care mode after spraying

lip spray to keep the color long lasting
Lip care regimen after spraying

After spraying the lips, we should have a good lip care regimen for at least 1-2 months. This is the time to make your lips beautiful, so you need to have a reasonable diet. You should drink a lot of water to provide moisture to the lips, apply vaseline to help the lips soft and quickly recover.

In addition, you should also limit contact with dirt, avoid touching the lips or pry the code, let the skin heal itself. If these notes are well applied, the lips will have a beautiful color and will fade for a long time. Normally, if we take care of our lips properly, we will still see our lips after 2-3 years. See details at: What To Do And What Not To Do After Lip Spray.

+ Is the ink quality good or not?

How long does it take to spray lips?
Lips fade quickly or not depends on whether the ink quality is good or not

The time the lip color fades quickly or not depends on how your lips are. For women with dark lips, the color fastness will be worse if not handled carefully before. In case of dark lips, and do not treat dark lips with laser first, but go to spray lips, often encounter the situation that the lips will gradually turn black, the color will be patchy and will gradually fade.

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In addition, depending on the quality of the ink, it will determine how long the color on your lips will last. If the ink is good and safe, the lip color looks very natural, smooth and fades over time.

In addition to the above factors, in order to contribute to giving you a rosy lips, a skilled professional will determine more than 70% of the results. Therefore, you should go to reputable beauty centers and institutes for careful advice before spraying to get a dreamy, natural lips as expected.

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