How to Spray Thick, Thin Lips Safely Know

How to Spray Thick Lips to Thin Lips Safely

Cosmetic lip spray is a beauty trend that is loved by women, because in addition to the advantage of bringing bright colors, this technology also overcomes the shortcomings of thick lips that lack subtlety. Here is the post shared by Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the solution thin-walled thick lip spray that you can refer to.

how to spray thick lips with thin walls
Method of spraying beautiful lips naturally

The Secret To Safely Spraying Thick Lips To Thinner

1. Thin-walled thick lip spray – the emerging trend of young people

Art tattoo spray is the process of improving the condition of pale lips, dark lips dull or simply to help you save time applying lipstick, because the lips after tattooing always have a natural, fresh and attractive color. In recent years, the trend of thin-walled lip spray is getting a lot of attention from women. The advantage of this method is that without surgery, it can still bring the most natural beauty to women. In particular, it also harmonizes, creates a bright and radiant look for your face.

The secret to thin-walled thick lips is that in the process of tattooing, the esthetician will cleverly cheat the width of the lips inwards to make the lips more elegant and harmonious. At the same time, this border area will be covered with a lighter color to deceive the eye.

You should choose the following lip spray methods to turn thick lips into natural thin lips:

Spraying soot

The most standard thin-walled thick lip spray method
Soot spray technology

Spraying soot Lip spray method is quite popular among young people today. Unlike the usual lip spray method with tattoo ink spread evenly over the entire surface of the lips, soot spray has a more distinct color distribution.

The lip color will be darkest at the center of the lips and then lighter towards the lip line. This lip spray method not only makes the lips have depth but also makes the width of the lips more "thin", more elegant, effectively overcoming the disadvantages of thick lips.

Spray lip collagen

Collagen lip spray technology
Collagen lip spray technology

Spray lip collagen is one of the most advanced tattoo spray technology today with the addition of collagen essence to help regenerate and restore lips, create natural beautiful colors, contribute to creating radiance for the face.

This technique uses a modern tattoo machine and ink is extracted from natural herbs, does not contain toxins that affect the skin, so it is friendly to your skin.

When performing this method, experts will precisely align the amount of collagen to mix with spray color. After spraying, the lips will become beautiful, natural and nourished from deep within.

2. Why should you choose Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to spray lips?

Currently, grasping the need to beautify women, there are many tattoo parlors that are rampant in the market, resulting in poor service quality. Therefore, to ensure safety and get the optimal beauty effect, women need to be alert to choose a reputable lip spray address.

Beautiful, prestigious and safe lip spray address in Ho Chi Minh City
Beautiful, prestigious and safe lip spray address in Ho Chi Minh City

With the available potential, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center affirms to bring the best aesthetic results to customers. This confidence is built from the following:

  • We are proud to be a cosmetic care and treatment unit with more than 17 years of experience
  • A team of reputable, highly skilled doctors and specialists
  • Modern and advanced facilities and equipment meeting international standards chuẩn
  • Professional and safe service process
  • The ingredients are completely extracted from herbs, 100% natural and imported from the US, Germany, Korea, etc.

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For advice on suitable lip color and details of the thin-walled lip injection process at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, hope you can arrange a time to come to the center for guidance and examination. Or you can call 1900 7018 to schedule an appointment in advance.

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    If men's lips are thick and dark, can they spray lips? How does the process work? Do it at the same time or need to treat dark lips first and spray for thin lips later or vice versa?


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