The Most Beautiful and Prestigious Collagen Lip Spray Address Discover

The Most Beautiful and Prestigious Collagen Lip Spray Address

Spray lip collagen is a new lip aesthetic technology from Korea with many outstanding advantages. Currently, this technology has been widely popularized in the market and applied by many different beauty centers. However, Where is the beauty of collagen lip spray? and the most satisfactory effect is always a dilemma for girls among so many choices like now?

The Most Beautiful and Prestigious Collagen Lip Spray Address in HCM

Advantages when spraying collagen lips at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

Understanding the essential beauty needs as well as the concerns of women, the beauty center Miss Tram VietNam has researched, learned and transferred collagen lip injection technology directly from Korea to perfectly meet the expectations of youthful, full of vitality lips and must be absolutely safe. All Miss Tram wants to aim for, is to become a place where girls can give their 'belief' when performing this cosmetic method.

Beautiful standard collagen lip spray technology at Miss Tram
Beautiful standard collagen lip spray technology at Miss Tram

At Miss TramCollagen lip spray method only takes 45 minutes to perform but brings perfect results for your lips:

  • Lips become rosy, naturally fresh thanks to the addition of collagen essence
  • Lips are soft, not dry, chapped due to good moisture, and lips are deeply nourished from the inside
  • Lip shape is balanced in harmony with the face
  • Fix blemishes such as deviated lips, unclear lip contour.

Besides, the team of experts and technicians at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center All of them undergo intensive training, high skills, plus many years of experience in the cosmetology industry, so when performed, it will be very gentle, without causing swelling, pain, or bleeding during the lip spray process. Since then, customers will not need to spend time convalescence after cosmetic surgery, bringing a lot of convenience to customers with busy work. (Refer to method lip spray to cover collagen Hottest today).

Spray collagen lips to help lips naturally color
Spray collagen lips to help lips naturally color

Not only focus on technology, Miss Tram VietNam Always strict in the selection of raw materials. From inkjet to essence collagen are imported directly from abroad, undergo rigorous testing and have medical safety certificates to ensure the best quality for customers.

In addition, we always respect the individuality of the customer, ready to advise and help customers freely choose according to their preferences before spraying the lips with various colors such as red rose, magenta, bright orange, peach pink, cherry, persimmon… And this choice must ensure the best and most suitable results for each of their guests.

The process of collagen lip injection

Before performing the collagen lip spray method at the center, the goods will be thoroughly examined and consulted by Miss Tram experts to find the right lip color for the skin and desire. After that, there will be a process of cleaning and exfoliating the lips, conducting anesthesia to make you feel most comfortable during the procedure. The final step will proceed lip sucking and collagen lip spray.

After only 45 minutes of implementation, you will own smooth wet lips similar to just applying lipstick, no swelling or pain like previous tattooing methods. During the process, the technicians will completely absorb and treat the dark, so the dark part will need time to gradually dissolve, until the color becomes clear and natural.

beautiful collagen lip spray
Treatment results - collagen lip sculpting at Miss Tram

Normally, lip color will gradually increase from 2 to 5 weeks depending on how dark your lips are. After finishing the lips, the customer service department at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always accompanies you to support instructions and schedule a test to help you get the right lip color as you want. (Refer to the Notes needed when spraying lips You must be familiar with it).

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Always uphold quality and customer satisfaction first, all services of the beauty salon here are always performed as carefully and professionally as possible. So every time a customer wonders "Where is collagen lip spray beautiful", many people immediately think of Miss Tram.

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