How Long Does It Take To Spray Lips Again? 1 Week - 2 Weeks Or 3

How long does it take to apply lip color again?

How Long Does It Take To Spray Lips Again? Lip spray is one of the most popular lip beautification methods today It is considered a safe and optimal beauty method than traditional tattooing.

How long does it take to apply lip color again?

This method not only gives a natural pink lip color, but also helps to correct defects such as dark lips, lip scars, and asymmetrical lip lines. Whether lip injection is successful or not depends on many factors.

And if the result after natural lip spray If the color is not as expected, you can still fix it by re-coloring your lips (In addition to spraying lips, tattooing lips or natural lips that you want to have a standard color when lipstick, you need to know. How to exfoliate lips at home simple ). Let's learn more about this issue through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

And before going into specific answer to the problem How long does it take to spray lips to get the best color? Then let's learn a little about the related concepts…

1. How long does it take to apply the lip color to the standard color?

What is Lip Spray?

Lip spray is a method to beautify lips by Using the micro-needle, go gently on the lips with a depth of not more than 0.2mm to bring the previously selected ink color to the lips. Lip injection is considered successful if the following criteria are met:

How long does it take to spray lips to reapply color?
How long does it take to apply lip color to make the lip color more beautiful?
  • Color up evenly, right color choice
  • Bright lip color, cleverly conceals imperfections such as dark spots and wrinkles
  • Lips are smooth and supple
  • Harmonious lip shape, beautiful but natural

Besides, lip beauty method This also helps to shape the lip contour more symmetrical and even. Moreover, you also limit the use of lipstick – most lipsticks contain substances that are not good for health.

So how long is the standard coloring time of this method? The answer is that there is no fixed timeline, only a period. Because the results of lip spray have a lot of impact factors, so depending on the case, the time will be different.

Factors that affect color time when spraying lips:

Inkjet quality
Depending on the location, the condition of the lips and the recovery ability of each person, the length of time the lips will last varies. For normal people, on average, after 1-2 months of spraying lips, if you find it pale, you can ask the technician to reapply. Depending on the spray technique and ink quality at each facility, lips will fade after 1-3 years
How long does it take to spray lips to reapply after a beautiful color

Lip color Even or patchy, durable or fast fading all depends largely on the quality amount of ink spray, lip tattoo. Standard inkjet ink quality includes: ink product quality, correct ink mixing ratio and alignment with lip conditions. So Spray lips how to choose the most standard ink color? Contact Miss Tram Get a free, specific consultation

Technical person performing
What to pay attention to when spraying lips?
How to determine how long it takes since Lip Spray to reapply color?

Technology lip sprayer also significantly affects the time and results on the color of the lips. If the technique is poor, the needle is uneven, the light/too strong will make the ink color not create the necessary grip to create the desired color.

Treat dark lips before spraying lips

If the customer's lips are dark, it must be properly treated before spraying ink. Otherwise, the results after spraying the lips will not have a beautiful color, even the dark condition is worse.

During the period after lip spray, many questions are asked by customers such as why should they reapply their lips, how long does it take to spray lips to color, how long does it take to spray lips?
Is the condition of dark lips related to the problem of how long it takes to apply the color again?
Post-spray care mode

Job lip care after spraying It also affects the lip quality. Boi after spraying lipsIn the first few days, the lips will need time to peel off the outer layer of color, if you peel, touch or do not pay attention to lip protection, the results will not be as desired.

When to reapply lips? - Are you in the group of subjects that need to be reapplied... Lips after spraying are uneven, mottled
Should I reapply my lips after tattooing and how long does it take to re-color my lips?

Summary, lip spray With any technique, it takes a certain time for the lips to recover and color as expected. Usually when sprayed, the lip color will be bold and the lines are not soft.

However, about 3-7 days (depending on the above factors), when the outer layer of ink peels off, the lips will have a more natural and gentle color. The most standard lip color is about 1-2 months after spraying, but during this time, you need to take care of your lips carefully – because this affects the durability of the lip color. You can refer to more complete tips and advice on After spraying lips, what should I abstain from eating to have a beautiful color? Help have a better overview of what to eat and what not to eat after lip beautification.

2. In which case should I reapply lip color?

What is lip mile?

After spraying the lips, if the lip color does not reach the standard color, the lip color is uneven, the only way to handle it is to reapply the lips. Lip buffing is a technique of re-spraying tattoo ink on the lips to help the lips become more even and darker. So here we will start to find the answer to the question of how long does it take to re-color the lips?

In which case should you reapply lips?

Note when taking care of lips after spraying
Cases should be applied to the lips and how long after Spraying the lips, it is necessary to reapply the color

After spraying lips, if you see the following symptoms, you should contact your esthetician to come up with the most suitable lip color retouching schedule:

  • The lips are unevenly colored: some dark places are light, some places are not.
  • Lips do not color: keep your "original" lip color.
  • Lips appear black spots.
  • The color is lighter than the color you selected.
  • After a short time, your lip color quickly fades and loses color.

3. How long does it take to spray lips to reapply color?

After spraying, lips need some time to recover from damage and regenerate lip cells. If you rush to reapply, it will be very easy to cause pain and damage to the lips. So how long does it take to spray the lips to reapply the color?

time to reapply after lip spray
The time to reapply the lips after tattooing depends on which factors are the main?

Depending on the terrain, lip restoration status after lip spray of each person that has different lip balm time. How long after spraying lips, need to reapply color in normal cases, need 1-2 months after spraying, If you find that your lips need to show signs that need to be re-applied, you can go to the center that sprayed before for a specialist to examine and re-apply your lips. Or if you are not sure, you can choose the reputable address than to lip balm.

With successful lip spray cases, depending on each person's location, spray technique as well as ink quality lip durability lasts for 1-3 years XNUMX.

So here you have the answer to the question After spraying lips, how long do I need to reapply color? not yet, if so you can learn about The special features of collagen lip spray method Or read on for some of the shares below?

4. Care for lips after tattooing properly

Lip care regimen after spraying is a decisive factor in the success of the tattooing process. So, after spraying the lips, and it is also an additional answer to how long it takes to apply the color again after spraying the lips. You should note the following points:

How long does it take to spray lips to reapply?
How long does it take to spray lips to re-color depending on lip care after tattooing?
  • Apply ointment continuously to the lips to limit dryness and make it easier for the lips to peel.
  • Avoid letting the lips come into contact with water in the first few days so that the ink color adheres well to the lips.
  • Do not use your hands to peel off the skin, but let the lips peel off naturally.
  • Should abstain from seafood, water spinach, sticky rice or fishy foods until the lips really return to normal.

After the lips have peeled off the outer ink layer, you also need to pay attention lip care Be careful because at this time the lips are still sensitive and easily affected by external factors. And during this time you have to go out, go to a party, most of you will wonder about the problem How long does it take to apply lipstick?. For specific advice depending on the status of your sprayed lips at the moment, you should contact Miss Tram's team of lip beauty consultants via Hotline 0899 194 519 ok

* Some notes when taking care of lips after spraying need the most attention:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A, C, E - help fight inflammation, promote lip color to a beautiful standard.
  • Always moisturize your lips with vaseline or lip balm, natural balm.
  • Limit alcohol-containing drinks, stimulants that affect blood circulation - adversely affect lip color.
  • Drink enough water for a stable metabolism and quick recovery of the lip area.
  • Avoid eating a lot of dark spices (especially soy sauce), hot spicy foods, greasy foods – which affect the color of your lips.
  • If using lipstick, you should use lead-free lipstick, natural extracts will be good for your lips.

Whether or not the lip color has a standard color depends on many factors. But if you choose a reputable center, beauty salon, factors such as technique, technician skills, ink color will be guaranteed 100%.

You just need to take care of according to what the expert instructs, you will get a satisfactory lip color. If not, then rest assured, because the process of re-inking is also very quick and safe. Because the above also advised you quite specifically about how long it takes to spray your lips, right?

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Advice on How long does it take to spray lips? color in the best way for each case. Then customers can contact Miss Tram directly. And we also hope that with the article sharing information about how long does it take to reapply this color, it has partly answered for you.

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