How long does it take to get the right color? Open your eyes

 How long does it take to get the right color?

After Lip tattoo spray, most customers have the question is "How long does it take to spray lips to color?","What happens after spraying lips?","Do you need to fast?". Many customers are still very impatient because the lip color is still not visible or the color is not as expected. So today's post Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please answer your questions about how long does it take to apply lip color to the standard color?

Revealing The Time It Takes For The Lips To Get A Standard Color After Spraying

1. How long does it take to apply the lip color to the standard color?

Lip spray is a popular method of lip beautification today is considered a safe and optimal beauty method than traditional tattooing. This method will use a micro-needle, going gently on the lips with a depth of not more than 0.2mm to bring the previously selected ink color to the lips.

Standard, beautiful lip spray technology at Miss Tram
Standard, beautiful lip spray technology at Miss Tram

Lip injection is considered successful if the following criteria are met:

  • Color up evenly, right color selection;
  • Bright lip color, cleverly covering defects such as dark spots, wrinkles;
  • Lips are smooth and stretchy;
  • Harmonious lip shape, beautiful but natural.

In addition, this beauty method also helps to shape the lip contour more symmetrical and even. Moreover, you also limit the use of lipstick – most lipsticks contain substances that are not good for health. (Learn about technique collagen lip spray Hottest right now).

So how long is the standard coloring time of this method? The answer is that there is no fixed timeline. Because the results of lip spray have many impact factors:

Inkjet quality

Lip spray is an operation to cover the epidermis with ink thanks to the technique of using a micro-needle tip to gently go on the lips with a depth of not more than 0,2mm. Whether this color layer is evenly colored or patchy, durable or fast fading all depends largely on the quality of the inkjet ink.

How long does it take to spray lips to have a beautiful color
The quality of inkjet ink directly affects the ability of the lips to color

Standard inkjet ink quality includes: ink product quality, correct ink mixing ratio and alignment with lip conditions.

Technical person performing

natural beauty lip spray tips
KTVs need to be highly skilled

The technique of the person performing lip spray also greatly affects the time and results on the color of the lips. If the technique is poor, the needle is uneven, the light/too strong will make the ink color not create the necessary grip to create the desired color. (The secret to choosing the right lip color best for you).

Treat dark lips before spraying lips

If the customer's lips are dark, they need to be treated properly before ink spraying. Otherwise, the results after spraying the lips will not have a beautiful color, even the dark condition is worse.

Post-spray care mode

The lip care after spraying also significantly affects the quality of the lips. Because after spraying the lips, in the first few days, the lips will need time to peel off the outer layer of color, if you peel, touch or do not pay attention to lip protection, the results will not be as desired.

Beautiful lip spray results at Miss Tram
Beautiful lip spray results at Miss Tram

In short, spraying lips with any technique requires a certain time for the lips to recover and color as expected. Usually when sprayed, the lip color will be dark and the lines are not soft. However, about 3-7 days (depending on the above factors), when the outer layer of ink peels off, the lips will have a more natural and gentle color. The most standard lip color is about 1-2 months After spraying, but during this time, you need to take care of your lips carefully – because this affects the durability of the lip color.

2. How long does lip spray keep?

After lip spray, how long the lip color lasts depends a lot on two factors: lip care and ink color quality.

Chemical tattoo inks can last up to 4 - 5 year but it is easy to irritate the body of some people. And tattoo ink extracted from natural herbs will usually be safer and have a longer time to keep the color in about 2 - 3 year. Depending on your needs and location, you can choose your favorite inks, however, you need to find reputable establishments to avoid encountering poor quality ink.

3. Notes after spraying lips

After spraying lips, you need to note the following points:

  • Apply Vaseline continuously to the lips to limit dryness and help the lips peel off more easily.
  • Avoid water in the first few days so that the ink color adheres well to the lips.
  • Do not use your hands to peel off the skin, but let the lips peel off naturally.
How long does it take to spray lips to get the standard color
There is a lip care regime after spraying it differently

In addition, although modern technology will reduce the time of convalescence or strict abstinence, for those of you who have sensitive and easily irritated bodies with food, it is best to abstain from seafood and water spinach. , sticky or fishy until the lips really return to normal. Because "there is a healthy diet", isn't it? (Refer to the Tips to help spray lips without swelling You must be familiar with it).

After the lips have peeled off the outer ink layer, you also need to pay attention to careful lip care because at this time the lips are still sensitive and easily affected by external factors.

Some notes when taking care of lips:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A, C, E - help fight inflammation, promote lip color to a beautiful standard.
  • Limit alcohol-containing drinks, stimulants that affect blood circulation - adversely affect lip color.
  • Drink enough water for a stable metabolism and quick recovery of the lip area.
  • Avoid eating a lot of dark spices (especially soy sauce), hot spicy foods, greasy foods – affecting the color of your lips.
  • If using lipstick, you should use lead-free lipstick, natural extracts will be good for your lips.

To have a satisfactory lip, in addition to choosing a reputable lip spray facility, you need to properly care for your lips - this greatly affects the results of your lip spray. Hope this article will answer all your questions about lip spray, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you have a beautiful lips like that!

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