Result of eyelid spray

Before & After Eyelid Spray For Miss T At Miss Tram Spa

Results of Spraying Eyelids Open Natural Eyelids For Miss T At Miss Tram

Sad, pale or lifeless eyes, don't worry because there are Miss Tram VietNam here. Only one method of eyelid spraying will help customers gain confidence right away.

This method does not need to be said much because it is so hot, the whole family looks at the results of the customer to know the "strength" of the product. Spray eyelids open ok

T's eyes originally looked quite sad, she said her eyes look very Pale but I don't have a knack for eyeliner so I came Miss Tram VietNam always fast. Indeed, it's only been over an hour, but your eyes look like "makeover" everyone. KTV Super natural looking inkT's eyes still keep the lightness possible. Well, especially this method is so beautiful No redness or discomfort Hey everyone, Ms. T said it felt like an ant sting with a little pain. Miss Tram VietNam Congratulations on this result.

Before spraying eyelids open
Before spraying eyelids open, eyes are sad, pale or lifeless.
After spraying eyelids open
After spraying the eyelids open, the eyelids appear clearly, giving the feeling of bigger and rounder eyes.

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