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Before and After Eyelid Spray for Ms. KP at Miss Tram Spa

Results of Eyelid Spraying for Miss KP at Miss Tram Spa

"Baby, my eyes always look so small and sad, make me open my eyelids to make me look younger."
"Yes, let me develop it for you right away."

Always start with honest, rustic words and the results are always excellent. Like today, Miss KP comes Miss Tram VietNam make your eyelids open like that, you can also see that before doing it your eyes look pretty small, no highlight.

She said that after researching online, she decided to come Miss Tram VietNam with the 100% trust.

Before eyelid spray
Before spraying the eyelids open, the eyelid contour is not clear.

Not to disappoint her, after just over 1 hour of eyelid spraying, her eyes were like a molt, natural beautiful eyelid, All colors, Her eyes look big and round, especially not swollen sickly what a guest.

After eyelid spray
After spraying the eyelids open, the eyelid contour is clear, creating a feeling of big and round eyes.

"From now on, it won't take 20 minutes to mess around with eyeliner, thank you very much Miss Tram". Miss Tram also thank you KP, next time have the opportunity to visit Miss Tram to beautify you.

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