Does Eyelid Spray Affect Vision Or Not It's surprising

Does Eyelid Spray Affect Vision Or Not

|Question – Answer||Does Eyelid Spray Affect Vision?

Does Eyelid Spray Affect Vision Or Not It's surprising

The eyes are likened to the windows to the soul, and everything related to this "window frame" is carefully considered by the sisters, little by little so that they must be more and more beautiful.

That's why a customer sent a question to Miss Tram with the following topic: "Does eyelid spraying affect vision?"

First, everyone needs to know what Eyelid Spray is like?

This is a beauty method that helps to "cheat" outside the eyelids growing with a standard deviation of no more than 1 micrometer, making the eyes more glitter and more beautiful.

The technique of this method is to use an embroidery sprayer with a micro-needle tip, carefully go each small stroke on the eyelid area to bring the ink deep into the skin. The needle tip only contacts the epidermis, not deep into the dermis under the skin NO IMPACT to nerve endings as well as vision.

Because this beauty method needs meticulousness and high accuracy, in order to ensure the results, you should remember to note the following factors:

+ Choose to perform at reputable cosmetic tattooing facilities with modern equipment, technology and hygiene standards.

+ Professionally trained and highly skilled implementation specialists.

+ Use quality inkjet ink, safe and non-irritating to the skin.

Once done, it is also necessary to have an appropriate eyelid care regimen, so Miss Tram has a pretty detailed article for you to follow here:…/
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- Spray natural eyelids.
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- Spray open eyelids.
- Sculpting eyelids.
– Remove – Repair eyelids that have been tattooed before

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