The difference before and after eyelid spray

Before & After Spraying Eyelids To Open Queen's Eyes For Sister Y At Miss Tram

 Results of Eyelid Spraying to Open Queen's Eyelids for Sister Y at Miss Tram Spa

  • "Miss Tram Spa Hey, is there any method to make eyelids look natural?"
  • "Yes, I have a sister, when you have free time, I will stop by Miss Tram Spa Let me advise you further."

Today Miss Tram VietNam to welcome the super cute and easygoing guest, Closing the eyelid spray schedule is very fast - compact - fast always.

As originally requested by Ms. Y, she wanted to make her eyelids natural, so Miss Tram VietNam Please advise me on how to open the queen's eyes to ensure that all of your criteria are met.

And here, show off to the whole family the results of the new KTV eyelid surgery done for Ms. Y, Her eyes look big and round, the color of her eyelids is beautiful and harmonious. In particular, this method brings instant beauty, no pain, no redness. So if you're afraid of pain, don't worry.

Before spraying the opening fee
Before the eyelash extension, the eyelid contour is not clear.
After spraying eyelids open
After spraying the eyelids open, the eyelid contour is clear, creating a feeling of bigger and rounder eyes.

Every day "showing off" the results of customers is a happy day, if you want any more advice, inbox Miss Tram Spa fanpage now!

Don't hesitate #How/ Inbox or call #HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on all your questions about the service, please:

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