Eyebrow Spraying, 9D Eyebrow Sculpture After Hanging Eyebrow For Women

Spray Eyebrow Opener, Sculpting Eyebrow with 9D Thread After Hanging Eyebrow For Women

Eyebrow lift is a fairly popular cosmetic surgery method today, which helps to remove the skin around the eyes, lift the eyebrows, and remove wrinkles on the upper eyelid and tail.

Ms. Van has just done eyebrow hanging, and she is worried about the problem of correcting the shape of the eyebrows, sculpting the eyebrows after hanging them or not? Expert Miss Tram VietNam Counseling is possible.

Creating a new eyebrow shape, and meticulously sculpting 9D eyebrows not only creates a new eyebrow shape that is in harmony with the face, but also partially covers her unhealed hanging scar.

Ms. Van is very satisfied with her new eyebrows, so happy that she always does the upper eyelid sculpting service. You look so much younger. Wishing you a beautiful and beautiful Van forever!

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