Spraying Eyelids About 3 Months If It's Smudged, Is It Remarkable?

Spraying Eyelids About 3 Months Is Smudged, Can I Absorb Ink

|Q&A|| CAN EYE SPRAY ABOUT 3 MONTHS if the color is smudged, is it possible to suck out the ink?

Spraying Eyelids About 3 Months If It's Smudged, Is It Remarkable?

Tam An, 25 years old, currently living and working in Saigon, sent a question to Miss Tram as follows:

"Hello Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, because my eyes are a bit small, so I decided to go eyelid spray to be able to own bigger, more beautiful eyes without having to spend a lot of time applying makeup or drawing much more. However, I've been spraying for almost 3 months and there is a phenomenon of color smearing, can I suck the ink out? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. I would like to thank!

In this case, Miss Tram answered Tam An and everyone knew that CAN SUCCEED INK can out. But first, let's learn a little bit about eyelid spray technique and why color smearing occurs!

- What is eyelid tattooing?

The specialist will use a micro-embroidery sprayer with a micro-tipped tip to carefully go through each small stroke on the eyelid margin to bring the ink deep into the skin to change the pigmentation of the eyelid area, helping to create the most beautiful eyelid border.

- Why is there ink smearing?

This error occurs in case the KTV's skills are not stable, beat too fast, causing ink to spill out.

Therefore, the best solution and advice Miss Tram can give you is to immediately choose a reputable facility, skilled and skilled professionals to be able to handle it for you thoroughly. to be and most effective.

Thank you Tam An for sending a question about Miss Tram Spa. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please contact Miss Tram right away!

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