How Long Does Eyelid Spray Last? Detail

How Long Does Eyelid Spray Last?

A sharp eyelid border will make the eyes look bigger and more attractive. However, the guy eyelids very time-consuming and difficult to do, if not careful, the eyes are easily smudged with poor aesthetics. To solve this problem, many people want to ask for the help of tattoo spray technology, but are worried about how long tattoo spray can keep the color. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center advise you on this matter as follows.

beautiful eyelid spray technique
How long can eyelids keep after spraying?

How Long Does Eyelid Spray Last

Spray eyelid This is no longer a strange concept for many people, this is a method of using an embroidery sprayer with a micro-head to carefully go each small stroke on the eyelid contour area to bring ink deep into the skin to change the pigmentation of the eyelid area, help create the most beautiful eyelid contour. This beauty method is quite simple, less expensive, and makes the eyes more beautiful and rounder, so it is especially loved by women. Spraying eyelids not only helps eyes look sharper, but also effectively overcomes the condition of single eyelids and baby eyes. (Reference beautiful eyebrow spray address, safety is highly appreciated in HCM).

There are different types of eyelid spray

Spray natural eyelids

It is a way of spraying thin eyelids close to the upper eyelid lashes, the tail of the eyelids is medium to the tail of the eyes or slightly kicked upwards.

Spray water eyelids (spray eyelids with tails)

It is a way to spray 2-3mm thick eyelids with the tip of the eyelid thin and gradually thickening towards the middle to the tail of the eye. The corner of the eye will spray thicker than the middle and slightly kick up to create bigger and longer eyes.

Spray fishtail eyelids

Spray a long thin eyelid line from the end to the middle, the tail is thick and pointed, slightly slanted up. You can spray 1-2 more strands at the end of the eye to make the eyes longer.

Spray eyelids

It is a way to spray from the middle of the eye and close at the tail of the eye (closed corner), creating a deeper and larger eye.

Beautiful standard eyelid spray method
Beautiful standard eyelid spray method

Depending on the preferences that people choose for themselves a suitable spray, the time to keep the double eyelid color is 3-5 years long, so you can comfortably beautify. However, to be able to achieve this result, the tattoo spraying facility must ensure some of the following requirements. (Tip fix broken eyelid spray error mí safest and most effective).

1. Modern eyelid spray technology

The more modern eyelid spray technology with high-quality machinery, using micro needles, the less harmful it is to the skin and helps the eyelids to have a standard color. High technology also helps to adjust the eyelid shape and appropriate amount of ink, bringing natural beauty to the eyes.

2. Ink quality

time to color after eyelid spray
Inkjet ink directly affects the ability to color

Ink quality greatly affects eyelid spray durability. If using quality ink imported from abroad, it will ensure safety for your health as well as ensure the correct color, no smearing and high durability. On average, eyelid spray will keep for 3-5 years depending on the location of each person. If the color has faded, you can apply it again to have beautiful eyelids like new.

3. Qualification of KTV

KTV's skill is one of the important factors determining the quality of tattoo spray. When spraying, the correct procedure is to spray from the middle to the tail, then spray from the middle to the top. When spraying, you must hand evenly with sufficient needle force and standard eyelid contour to help the eyelid contour look sharp. If you are too strong or gentle, you can damage the eyelid margin, the ink is too light or the eyelids will be green, red and unsightly.

How long does eyelid spray keep?
Requires KTV to have high skills

4. Eyelid spray process

To have a beautiful pair of eyelids, you have to go through many different stages and each stage plays a certain important role. Not only helps the eyelids to be beautiful and durable, following the procedure will also help avoid pain, swelling, and faster healing of the eyelids. (Instructions on how to handle when Eyelid spray is discolored simple, fast for KTV).

5. Warranty after spraying

The eyelid spraying process is not always 100% perfect right from the first time, because depending on the location of each person, the eyelid color may not be exactly the same as the color you choose. In this case, you will be added ink to the eyelids to the desired color. After a while the eyelids are lighter, then you will also be re-applied, making the eyelids as beautiful as new. Therefore, a good warranty is essential.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is one of the few beauty centers possessing all the above requirements, ensuring to bring you a beautiful eyelid shape with standard color, color retention time lasting 3-5 years. In addition, Miss Tram also has a prestigious post-spray warranty, you can rest assured about this issue.

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