Is eyelid spray harmful?

Is Eyelid Spray Harmful?

Finding the Answer to the Question: “Is Eyelid Spray Harmful”

Spray eyelid is no longer a strange problem for women today. This form was born to replace the time-consuming and ineffective way of applying makeup to draw eyelids before.

However, a lot of you fear that eyelid spray is harmful? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please confirm that eyelid spraying is a beauty technique that is completely harmless to the eye area or to any allergies.

Learn about eyelid spray
Learn about eyelid spray technology

Eyelid spray - the secret to creating attractive eyes

According to the experts of Miss Tram VietNam, eyelid spray It is a method of using ink to create sharp edges of the eyelids. This method is researched, tested and tested very closely for effectiveness and safety in the world.

The specialist will use a micro-embroidery sprayer with a micro-tipped tip to carefully go through each small stroke on the eyelid margin to bring the ink deep into the skin to change the pigmentation of the eyelid area, helping to create the most beautiful eyelid border. (Instructions on how to handle when spray swollen eyelids safest and most effective).

Is Eyebrow Spray Harmful?
Results before and after eyelid spray

Absolutely safe when spraying eyelid tattoo at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

  • All eyelid spray equipment is disinfected to ensure safety before tattooing, so you will not have to worry about allergies or infections.
  • Eyelid spray technology uses a specialized tattoo pen with a micro-tipped tip, only mildly affecting the skin with a depth of only 0.2 mm, without invasiveness deep inside the skin, so the eyelid skin area will not be damaged much.
  • At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, you can be completely assured of inkjet ink material extracted 100% of essence from nature, imported from abroad, so it will not affect eyesight and sensitive skin around the eyes. .
  • Quick completion time from 30 -45 minutes
  • Eyelid tattooing is harmful or not, it depends in an important part on the skill of the professional performing it. Miss Tram confidently owns many experts with precise techniques, meticulous in every detail, committed to bringing beautiful natural eyelids to customers.
Results of Eyelid Spray at Miss Tram
Results of Eyelid Spray at Miss Tram

Types eyelid spray popular with sisters

There are many types of eyelid spray for women to choose from to suit their face best.

     1. Spray natural eyelids

This is a form of spraying a thin eyelid line close to the upper eyelid, the tail is slightly kicked up or it can be just enough without the tail. It can be said that this type of natural eyelid tattoo spray is very popular with many people because of the naturalness that this method brings.

    2. Spraying eyelids with tails (spraying watery eyelids)

This is the type of spray that makes the eyes look bigger and longer. The length of the eyelid spray is about 2-3 mm, the tip of the eyelid is thin, gradually thickening towards the tail of the eye. The bottom of the eye is slightly slanted and thicker than the middle, just like you are applying eyeliner.

   3. Spray fishtail eyelids

This is a type of eyelid spray that resembles a fish's tail. The thin eyelid line is long from the tip to the middle of the eyelid, the tail of the eyelid is slanted up, pointed and thick towards the tail (depending on the preferences of each person, it is possible to spray 1-2 more fibers at the end of the eye)

  4. Spray eyelids

If you want bigger and deeper eyes then this is the right style for you. This spray has a spray line from the middle to the middle of the white vein (covering the white vein) to the end of the eye closed (closed the corner).

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From an aesthetic perspective, tattoo spray brings positive effects, but it still has many potential health risks.

Therefore, you should look for reputable hospitals and beauty centers like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to be assured of quality as well as enthusiastic advice of experts to choose the spray style that best suits your face.

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